Travel Series – Hunt, Texas: Part 1

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By Kiara Bean, Correspondent

In this edition of the Travel Series, we will take a trip to a small Texas village called Hunt, located about 80 miles northwest of San Antonio. Hunt has an official population of about 1,400, but usually over 3,000 people visit during the summer. There are various places to stay, from simple campsites to luxury vacation rentals. 

Hunt is a lovely place in the middle-of-nowhere, surrounded by nature and wildlife. When you visit, it feels like life stops. There is no rush hour traffic, no city lights; just quiet life. At night, millions and millions of bright stars shine in the sky. 

Hunt is located where the north and south forks of the Guadalupe River converge. There are many water activities available like tubing, kayaking, fishing, and swimming. Unfortunately, we visited in December, so we couldn’t enjoy the water activities, but we definitely appreciated the colorful Winter scenery. 

Besides magical views of the river, we also fancied the wildlife. Hunt and the surrounding area are home to many deer families. We saw them all over the place: in the forest during our hikes, crossing the streets when we were driving. They even took over the lawn in front of the main building of Schreiner University in Kerrville. 

Kerrville is a somewhat larger town approximately 12 miles east of Hunt with a population of about 25,000 people. There are many beautiful historic buildings there. My family and I took many strolls along the streets to admire the European architecture of the old stone buildings. One of the most famous historic sites is the Captain Charles Schreiner Mansion. He was a rancher, businessman, banker, and captain of the Home Guard for Kerr County. There’s even a department store named after him.

To get to Kerrville from Hunt, we passed through another small village called Ingram. It’s located about 7 miles East of Hunt and is the home of Stonehenge II, a smaller replica of the famous Stonehenge monument in Salisbury, England. Besides Stonehenge II, visitors can also admire replicas of two Easter Island Heads. Since I have not had the chance to visit England yet, it was nice to see what Stonehenge looks like, even if it was just a replica. 

There are many different restaurants in Kerrville, from casual dining to more upscale eateries. Most menus offer American and Mexican cuisine. Out of the several restaurants we visited, we enjoyed Billy Gene’s Restaurant the most. We had one of the best grilled sausage platters I’ve ever had served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. My family also liked their old fashioned meatloaf, chicken fried chicken, and liver and onions.

But our favorite place to go was the Snowflake Donuts & Kolaches shop. It’s a one-room building where customers can order their pastries at the counter for take-out or dining in at one of the few tables. The pastries are very popular with visitors and locals, so if you aren’t there when they open, you’re out of luck. The owner brings the freshly baked pastries at opening time, and within an hour or so, they’re closing shop because they’ve sold out. Snowflake Donuts & Kolashes sells different types of donuts, cinnamon twists, and danishes. They’re all so good that you won’t know which one to try first.

Besides spending relaxing time in Hunt, we also visited nearby cities, which I will write about in the next issue. I’ll talk about what sights to see and where to eat, so stick around!

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