COE wins Spirit Week!

College of Engineering wins the first ever ERAU Spirit Week, hosted by SGA

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

The College of Engineering reigns victorious over this year’s Spirit Week. Spirit Week is an example of ERAU’s determination in encouraging student involvement and college pride. The four colleges, COE, CSI, COA, and COAS, spent the week competing against each other in a variety of activities and games organized by the Student Government Association (SGA). To reward participation, those who interacted with the activities received points, which were added to the college scoreboard, similar to the House games in Harry Potter; such activities include tug-a-war, food eating contests, crime scenes, dunk tank, sidewalk chalk, giant Jenga, and wooden airplane throws. 

As the champions of the week and every single day of Spirit Week, COE students clearly showed up to the challenges ready and willing. SGA COE Representative JR Bass says, “I really didn’t have to do much to encourage students to get out there. I think that the participation is just reflective of how badly COE students want to win.” With many events turned virtual this year, Spirit Week was a perfect opportunity for students to socialize and interact in-person in a safely distanced space. 

To highlight the engineering winners briefly, their theme day was the Wednesday of Spirit Week, which had a nerd theme.  “COE had the theme of nerd day in part because I felt it was fitting to the image of the college and also so that I could just wear my normal clothing and still participate,” Bass recalls, likely relating to a majority of the students at Riddle. Paralleling the theme of the day, the giveaways were black Eagle fanny packs, fillable for any pens, pencils, protractors, or calculators engineers may need (although the giveaways were available for the whole student body). The day also consisted of giant Jenga in the Courtyard and the basketball game of ‘HORSE’ at the SGA Basketball Court.

Overall, “It feels great to win the first spirit week,” says Bass. “I’m really happy that everyone came out and showed school spirit.” As the winners of the first ever Spirit Week and with close competition from the College of Aviation, COE demonstrated the underrepresented ERAU school spirit our students have and are willing to express when given the chance. 

To the engineering students out there, Bass says, “. . . thanks for participating and giving us more to brag about for the next year. Congratulations on our win.”