Capstone Spotlight: Norhybrid Renewable Energy

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By Kiara Bean

The consulting team for Professor Gibson’s Strategic Management and Consulting class is working closely with Norhybrid Renewable Energy, a company based in Norway. The team leads are Nicholas Lauer, Global Business and Supply Chain, the team spokesperson, Allie Kraft, Aviation Business Administration, and Jacob Mottice, Business Administration. In addition to the aforementioned students, the team consists of another 15 members from both the Daytona and Prescott campuses. Their advisors are Professor Gibson and Dr. Paulin from the Prescott campus and Professor Hinebaugh and Dr. Longshore from the Daytona campus. 

“Norhybrid is a company that develops and manufactures vertical axis wind turbines. These turbines have the advantage of being more compact and lower cost than traditional horizontal axis turbines. They are also easier to manage and perform maintenance on,” says Lauer excitedly. He said the ultimate goal of the project is “to give [the client] some key points to help them understand the [renewable energy] market and how to enter. Follow up projects will help them with a more specific marketing and positioning strategy, while a third potential project next year will help them with the implementation of the strategy we have developed.” 

Lauer is thrilled with the progress of the project. He said that the team, with the help of several non-capstone students, has “been able to determine that there is a market in the US for the product that our client offers, and we have helped them identify several challenges, opportunities, and customers in the US.” According to Lauer, the client, Ole Vidar, is very satisfied with the team’s work and has even requested other consulting teams from Embry-Riddle to work with some of his other companies. Some of the team’s successes include revising the client’s marketing strategy, identifying customers that may be interested in the client’s product, and providing the client with details about industry regulations and grants that they  may qualify for. 

Lauer finished by saying that “This has been an amazing experience for all members of the team. [We are] grateful…to our professors for giving us the opportunity to do what they used to do for a living.” He recommends that anyone interested in business take the class as it has been a very valuable experience.

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