Business Capstone: Anicare

Read Time:2 Minutes

By Campbell Turner, Correspondent

The Anicare Business Capstone team are currently working on a consulting project for  Finnish company Anicare to help create and aid in market entry to the U.S. for their product, pet tracking devices. As team lead Bryce Cirisan summarizes, “They create an animal tracking ear tag device that monitors location through GPS and animal health through heat signature. We have helped create a market entry strategy as well as compiled research on the industry in which they operate for the U.S. market. We hope to make the barriers to entry into the market as low as possible.”

Cirisan describes progress optimistically, commenting, “As the project is going extremely well, the only thing I would change is time. As the semester only encompasses 4 months, there is a lot to complete within that small time frame. Currently, we are on track to delivering the finalized project on April 20, per the outline’s project schedule we shared with the client at the beginning of the semester.”

However that doesn’t mean there haven’t been challenges: ”COVID policies have made the project slightly more difficult. As policies prevent my group from meeting in person, all our work/meetings are conducted online. This in turn creates a more difficult environment as monitoring team member performance is more difficult.” 

Cirisan also had trouble in his role as a lead. “My biggest challenge was time management for this project,” he says. “As I am the project lead, managing a demanding job off campus, school, and this project has been difficult, as well as correlating correct meeting times with all other members who are involved has been a complex task.”

Cirisan finished on a high note, saying of the project, “Our greatest success was creating interest in this project to whom we reached out to in the industry. There are many potential customers who are now interested in the services offered who were not before we took on this responsibility.”

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