The Student Government Association’s (SGA) First Presidential Debate

2021 Election’s Biggest Event a Roaring Success

By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent

The Student Government Association’s (SGA’s) first ever Presidential debate was held on the evening of Mar. 18 in the David’s Learning Center (DLC) over a period of two hours. Moderated by current SGA President and SGA Election Commissioner Melea Tucker,  the debate pulled out all the stops to make this year’s SGA election a big one. This event was a chance for both Vice Presidential and Presidential candidates to speak directly to the student body. The debate was structured with one minute for candidates to answer questions, followed by a rebuttal period of two minutes before the question went to the next candidate. The event started with the Vice-Presidential candidates, and the second half was dedicated to the Presidential candidates.

The students running for Vice President, Jeramy Gordon and Grant Carrabine, started off the debate by giving a brief introduction about themselves and their political platform. Both candidates were very passionate about reforming Title IX and the process students must go through to file a Title IX  report. Gordon was asked why he was the better choice for Vice President, and he responded by saying “I would like to see if we, as SGA, could get a little bit more involved in orientation for new students.” To the same question, Carrabine responded, “I think housing and residence life should give students a larger voice inside those specific organizations.” Neither candidate denied that their opponent had many good ideas and programs to bring to SGA if elected, with the Vice Presidential debate an overall friendly exchange between candidates.

The Presidential candidates, Hunter Langemo, Kennidi Ortega, and James Bass, took the stage next to provide their stances. The Presidential candidates were asked the same question of who they are and what their platform was. Langemo responded “My message is to give the people what they want. My focus as President would be outreach to the student body.” Ortega was the next candidate to introduce herself: “I want to focus on what you want from your college campus. I believe that Title IX reformation needs to happen.”. The last to introduce themselves was Bass: “I want to focus on transparency with administration and equality with the Daytona campus.” Each candidate went on to explain why and how their ideas would be implemented on the campus within their term, all covering themes of persistence, ambition, and change.

The Presidential debate was a success, with the DLC packed at maximum capacity of 50 attendees and many audience members getting the chance to ask questions. Voting has already closed for this year’s election, SGA appreciates all students who voted. The results are in, and the SGA executive counsel for 2021-2022 will be composed of President-elect Hunter Langemo, Vice President-elect Jeramy Gordon, Treasurer-elect Dylan Astrup, and Secretary-elect Megan Fama.