Student Art Spotlight: Almighty Sisu, the Right Way

By Ivana Martinez, Correspondent

Kumandra, a country that was once united before being divided up into different nations over the jealousy of each other and the craving for power. Not long ago, Disney finally released the movie “Raya and The Last Dragon,” highlighting  the many different cultures of Southeast Asia. While this type of movie has been highly demanded by Asian fans of Disney for years, I felt they didn’t do Sisu, the dragon protagonist in the movie, enough justice. In my opinion, it seemed like they just made a fursona for Elsa and tried to bring in some Asian dragon elements with the Eastern dragon design. With this in mind, I decided to work on a redesign of Sisu. I brought in the elements of traditional Eastern dragons as well as took the original concept of Sisu and morphed her into this piece with my own twist. This is the Almighty Sisu, done the right way.