Short Story: Interstellar Travel

By Kiara Bean, Correspondent

Raya floated down towards the strange planet. She had never seen one like it before in all her travels through space. It was green and brown with vast areas of blue. It seemed to glow in some places and others looked completely dark. It was a very strange planet, and she wondered what type of creatures would live there. 

Perhaps they would have pink bodies like those of the Banderians in the Sunstorm Galaxy. Or maybe they would all float around all day and sing in weird gurgling tones like the Pasmadians of the Gilian Planet. They might even have weird antennas and try to attack her like the Cormans on planet Jorga. She secretly hoped that these creatures would be like herself. 

Raya was forced to leave her home planet of Lucinia in the Everret Galaxy because of the wars. Now she wandered from place to place looking for a new home, but she didn’t really feel like she belonged anywhere, so she always ended up moving on. 

Raya landed on something green with small specks of brown. She parted the small green blades and reached down to touch the brown substance.

“This must be their dirt,” she said to herself, rubbing her fingers together and examining it. “It looks boring, not like the colorful dirt on Lucinia.” 

She looked around herself. Standing along the black strip were dozens of boxes with pointy things on top of them. As she examined them, she saw some creatures walking by. Some were talking together; others appeared to be on their own, even though they seemed to be talking to someone else. 

“Maybe these creatures have invisible friends,” Raya muttered.

Suddenly, Raya heard a voice behind her: “Hggga hwa jhiagi?”

Raya turned around and saw a creature about her height staring at her. The creature had brown hair and brown eyes and a pretty smile. She seemed to be wearing some strange fabric on her body.

Raya turned on the automatic translator that was built into her ears, which also extended her translating microphone from her necklace. 

“Who are you?” the creature repeated. This time, Raya understood. 

“My name is Raya,” she answered.

“My name is Clara. Why are you dressed so funny?”

“What do you mean?” Raya asked, looking down at her clothes. 

“You look like you are going to trick-or-treat,” Clara responded. 

“What’s that?” Raya asked curiously. Clara laughed. 

“Are you for real, or just a funny human?” 

“Is that what you are? A human?”

“Girl! Where did you come from?”

“I am from the planet Lucinia.” 

Clara shook her head. 

“That’s not a place,” she said contemplatively. “I know my planets…” Clara started to mutter them to herself. 

“And where are we?” Raya asked. 

“Earth!” Clara replied. 

“Yeah, we had a great time at the party…”  Another human walked by, holding a small box to its ear and talking into it. 

“What is that?” Raya asked, pointing at the box. 

“Girl! You must be joking! That’s a phone. Don’t you have those on Lavinia?” Clara struggled to pronounce the name of the planet. 

“It’s Lucinia, and no, we don’t have those. How does it work?” Raya asked. 

“The phones let you talk to people who are not next to you,” Clara explained. 

“Then why do they need the box? Why don’t they use their telepathy?” 

“I really like you.” Clara smiled. “You have a good sense of humor.”

“I like you, too,” Raya agreed. “I think I will like this place very much.”