Pet of the Week: Piglet the Chiweenie

By Martin S. Hussey Jr., Correspondent 

Meet Piglet, an eleven-year-old Chiweenie, a mixed breed between a dachshund and a chihuahua owned by sophomore Andrea Kelly. In photographs of Piglet, one will notice he wears a diaper. Andrea stated that he wears diapers because he is paralyzed waist-down. Piglet was first discovered in the desert in Camelback Mountain by the wife of a landscaper that worked for the Kelly family. When she found him, he was already paralyzed. After Piglet fully recovered from the dog pound, the Kelly family adopted him during the summer of 2012. A few years later, the Kelly family ran into one of the former owners of Piglet before he was found in the desert. Talking to the former owner confirmed the Kelly family’s suspicion that Piglet was paralyzed during or right after birth. As a result of his disability, he wears the diaper and is on a diet of chopped chicken, rice, and vegetables such as carrots and squash to help with his toiletries issues.

Despite his disability, Piglet is not slowed down and is in fact the fastest of the four dogs the Kelly family owns. He is also determined to be the most “alpha” of the group and likes to dominate the other Kelly dogs.  It’s all in good fun; Piglet loves playing with the other dogs. Hobby-wise, he loves having a heating pad on the ground for him all year and he lays next to the window and daydreams all day. Daydream away, Piglet!