Out and About: Park Plaza Liquor and Deli

With delicious bar food and expansive drinks menu, “Liquor-Deli” offers a great restaurant experience 

By Ivana Martinez, Correspondent

Located in downtown Prescott is the Park Plaza liquor shop with an amazing deli restaurant attached that serves quality food at very reasonable prices. While often busy, it is the perfect atmosphere to sit back, have a drink with friends, and enjoy a delicious meal. Even professors like Dr. Isenberg can be spotted in this hole in the wall! 

With any bar, one of the most important aspects to judge is their drinks selection. Park Plaza with its expansive liquor shop attached is already miles above any other bar in downtown Prescott. 

Considering the ability to order and drink any beverage found in the attached liquor store, (uncapping fee included for drinks not listed on the menu) there is always a drink to be found that one would enjoy. From craft beers brewed locally in Ariz., to Superstition Meadery’s delicious mead, and even many imported drinks, Park Plaza has one of the best drinks lists I have seen. Of course, drinks are not the only great selection that Park Plaza has, the deli menu is just as delicious and diverse. 

Being a deli, their largest section is sandwiches and burgers, which certainly they excel at. However, for those looking for other food, they also feature a large range of other popular bar foods such as wings and pizza. Even though Park Plaza operates a liquor shop, the management has made the smart decision of splitting the staff, having dedicated staff for the restaurant and store. This allows for both divisions to operate separately, preventing a rush on one side from causing delays on the other. 

For customer service, this establishment is excellent as your waiter will always effectively serve you during your meal. Even if you are under 21, you should have no fear! Since they are a restaurant, their doors are still open to all ages (although they do card so don’t get any ideas!). Overall, I would mention Park Plaza Deli to anyone looking to have a great meal at a reasonable price, and for those who are old enough, have an amazing drink from their massive selection of craft drinks.