Meet Your New SGA! 2021-2022 Student Government Announced

As the academic year comes to an end, the Student Government Association (SGA) at Embry-Riddle Prescott held its annual election for the student body to choose new leadership for the 2021-2022 academic year. After a weeklong campaign season, the SGA offered voting from Mar. 24th to Mar. 26th, 2021 both in-person and over Eagle Life where each and every student was encouraged to get out and vote for their next leaders. Meet your new student government executives!

Meet your new SGA: Hunter Langemo, President

By Mattysen Short, Copy Editor 

Every member of the SGA contributes to school-wide changes on a near-constant basis and the one person tasked with effecting the most change and overseeing the entirety of the SGA operations is the President. For the 2021-2022 academic year, the student body has elected Hunter Langemo, the current SGA Treasurer, as the new SGA President.

Langemo is a sophomore studying Aerospace Engineering on the Astro Track and has been in the SGA for one year, having campaigned for the SGA Treasurer position in spring of his freshman year. “The first day I stepped foot on campus I said, ‘I want to be in the SGA,’” says Langemo, who immediately began building a relationship with the student government. “I came in to the office just about every day, said ‘hi,’ and grabbed the candy!” he said. “I went to all of their budget committee meetings. Everyday I thought about the Student Government.”

Langemo has been very successful in his current position as the SGA Treasurer. During his time as the SGA Treasurer, Langemo has worked with athletics to extend the gym hours and replace an exercise machine, expanded the SGA Club Grant funding cap from $1,500/year to $2,000/semester, raised the SGA Club Subsidy from $100 to $250, revised and simplified the club funding form, and created a revolutionary new Student Treasury Board.

The new Student Treasury Board that Langemo founded brought 5 new leadership positions to the student government and is focused on researching the operations of other universities to bring new services and programs here. The Treasury also works in collaboration with the Budget Committee and participates in reevaluating the SGA budget.

Langemo has also, during this past year, worked on a total revision of the SGA Bylaws and Constitution, proposed to Student Campus Enhancement Fund (SCEF) to fund seven new water bottle fillers around campus, worked with the Food Service Committee to improve dining hall quality and encourage more hiring, and increased the SGA Budget Committee Attendance by 1000%.

In his new position as the SGA president, Langemo has many goals he wants to accomplish that will continue to help Embry-Riddle Prescott change for the better. One of Langemo’s biggest focuses will be internal outreach to see exactly what the student body wants to change: “I want to give the people what they want,” he says, echoing his presidential campaign slogan. Langemo also says that he wants to “focus on making sure that all voices are heard, even those that aren’t as loud,” as well as building better connections between the SGA and Athletics, the Student Veterans Organization (SVO), International Student Association (ISA), and both ROTC detachments.

Like other elected executives, he also wants to focus on Title IX and ensuring that students’ needs are being met. One of his main focuses is bringing in a full time Title IX coordinator that can focus solely on Title IX; the title is currently held by Liz Frost, who is also an associate Dean. In addition to that, Langemo wants to focus on increasing mental health services on campus and spreading awareness surrounding the ones that are already offered. The final main focus Langemo has is increasing transparency between administration and the SGA to better work with them on solutions the students want to see and publicize the results.

Hunter Langemo is stepping into the SGA President position with many goals conquered and many more to achieve and based on his track record. Congratulations, Hunter!

Meet Your New SGA: Jeramy Gordon, Vice President

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

With a large vote difference in the SGA Vice-President election, Space Physics student Jeramy Gordon came out victorious, learning this news on Friday, March 26. Motivated by his passion for the students and ERAU community, Gordon ran with the intentions of “wanting to make changes to help benefit all the students that go here,” he says.

Prior to SGA, Gordon has ensured his presence is well known on campus, which likely helped him in the election. Not only was he “the Membership Director of BCA, the Department of Student Engagement representative, and Secretary of the Student Campus Enhancement Fund, [has] been a part of orientation for two years and [is] now the lead orientation leader,” recalls Gordon. On top of all that, he also works at the library and may be recognized from his role as a physics lab TA. 

With many bullet points on his resume, Gordon thinks, “the connections that I have made the past 3 years in the various positions that I’ve had will greatly benefit the council so that we can achieve as much as possible to benefit the students. . . I feel that I am very personable which will help me communicate well with the council and the students that we represent.” Gordon also says he is a “very hard worker and I will definitely be bringing that work ethic to SGA next year,” promises Gordon. He is following in the footsteps of an impressive council through a very difficult year, but he is ready for the high standards current President Melea Tucker and Vice-President Timmy Casnellie have set for SGA. 

As many caring and curious students asked, what are Gordon’s hopes for the future of the university? Hoping to implement his ideas in the next academic year, Gordon calls upon the platform he ran with: “I hope that we can bring greater transparency to the students about what is happening at the school and make sure that more students feel their voices are being heard. Personally, I hope to bring change to the Title IX process and make the process easier to go through. I hope that we will bring the change that you voted for all of us to bring.”

Being a leader of the 2021-2022 SGA Council, Gordon will have much to do and much to look forward do. Excitedly, Gordon says, “I look forward to serving as your SGA Vice President and working with the rest of SGA this upcoming year. Thank you for this opportunity, I will not let you down!” Congratulations, Jeramy!

Meet Your New SGA: Dylan Astrup, Treasurer

By Martin S. Hussey Jr., Correspondent 

Dylan Astrup is currently a sophomore from Orange County, California studying Mechanical Engineering and was elected the SGA Treasurer for the 2021-2022 academic year. He enjoys cooking, golfing, hiking, and flying planes. He has experience with being involved in the student government treasury going as far back as middle school. This year, he is an Executive Board Member of the SGA Student Treasury attended all the Budget Committee meetings this school year, greatly contributing to campus club funding while learning about the finances and financial literacy needed to understand the SGA budget. 

For those who are unfamiliar with SGA Student Treasury Board, it is a student-run committee of five students that aid the Treasurer and was formed by current Treasurer Hunter Langemo this year. These students on the board were interviewed at the beginning of the year when applying for SOAR, which according to its website, “is a voluntary underclassmen introductory program” that was also founded this year to encourage younger students to get involved in student government.

Astrup believes that SGA finances should not be hidden or covered up. He says he does not think enough students understand where their money is being allocated, and since SGA is directly funded by students, he believes that students have a right to know where their money is allocated. For clarity, SGA gets their money from mandatory fees that students pay for along with their tuition and board. At the very least, Astrup wants a monthly budget email sent to the students and/or to use social media posts so that the students know what is going on with their hard-earned money.

Astrup also noted in his candidate essay that he wants to expand SGA services and focus on several projects that students want to see. These include expanding club funding, bringing printers to the residence halls, and implementing free recreation equipment rentals, and a recycling program. While these projects would certainly benefit the students and are supported by the administration, there is an issue on where the money to expand these projects comes from. Astrup explained that some projects are large up-front costs and that are covered by the money allocated by the fees previously mentioned so students will not see a large impact from that. Other projects, such as the recycling program, are not a budgetary issue, but more of a logistics issue. Overall, he stated that he does not intend to put this financial burden on the students in the form of increased fees.

Dylan Astrup now bears the responsibility of being the SGA’s new Treasurer. He is thankful for the students for electing him and states that he will do everything to help the students of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Congratulations, Dylan!

Meet Your New SGA: Meagan Fama, Secretary

By Vee Glessner, Chief Copy Editor

Meagan Fama is a junior in Forensic Psychology with a minor in Forensic Accounting and was announced on Friday, March 26th, as the next SGA Secretary. Fama is very involved in Greek Life, writing in her candidate essay that her qualifications include holding three executive positions in Greek organizations: Vice President of Operations for her sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau, Vice President of Communications and Inclusion for the College Panhellenic Association, and Secretary of Greek honor society Order of Omega. “I am a hard-worker and put a lot of time

and effort into whatever I do in order to make it the best it can be,” she writes.

“I am so honored that the student body chose me to represent them for the 2021-2022 school year. It means the world to me,” says Fama.

Now that she’s secured the Secretary position, she will be training under current SGA Secretary, Allyson Campbell, before assuming office. But first, a modest celebration is in order. “I just want to relax and take a self-care day/weekend after the campaign and election process,” says Fama. “I will probably be catching up on my sleep or binging Netflix, and also getting some homework done.”

With the rigorous campaign season finally over, the new electees can position themselves to deliver on their campaign promises. For Fama, the focus is on expanding academic opportunities, improving student mental health, developing community outreach programs, and addressing concerns about the Title IX process. The incoming student government is expected to focus heavily on Title IX, which will be a combined effort of identifying and clarifying federal policy as well as improving support for sexual assault victims on campus.

Because Fama will be a senior as Secretary, she can’t set her sights on higher executive positions in 2022, but she is still very much looking forward to the influence she can have in this role. “While I may not be able to run for another position,” she says, “I hope that this new council can inspire members of the student body to run for SGA in the future, just like how the previous council inspired me!”

In closing, to the student body Fama would like to say: “I would like to thank you for all the love and support I received throughout this whole process. I am so excited to work with this new council to implement all our ideas and advocate for what you all want to see.” Congratulations, Meagan!