Flowers for All!

SGA Tailgate Committee collaborates with AEA for a Plant a Flower Event outside

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

March 19 was a day of flowers. While the Compassion Initiative was out handing out roses, as a token of compassion, the SGA Tailgate Committee was hunkered in the Student Union Courtyard with pots and seeds. With the assistance of the Alternative Energy Association (AEA), the Tailgate Committee hosted a Plant a Flower event at noon. 

“The original motivation for the event was national plant a flower day” in fall, says Max Robles, SGA Representative-at-Large. However, due to Prescott’s fickle weather, the event was delayed until spring and became a celebration of “the beginning of spring”, according to Kennidi Ortega, SGA Marketing Representative. 

Offering free seeds, soil, and pots to the community, in addition to the event marketing prior, drew in many interested and curious students. Because of COVID regulations, the flower event had to be outside, which perfectly aligned with the theme of this tailgate. Set up in the middle of the decorated courtyard on a busy Friday, the Tailgate Committee was able to hold their two-hour event with a continuous stream of students, flagging them down during class changes. About 91 students stopped by, at this literally down-to-earth event. 

Once students stopped at AEA’s table, they scanned their Eagle cards and received a little clay pot. The next step was placing soil into their pot, selecting a seed type, and then filling the rest of the pot with dirt, a plant cheeseburger if you will. The variance of seed options included sunflowers, daisies, wildflowers, forget-me-nots, etc., as recommended by AEA’s experienced planters. 

In the scarce spots of sun in the courtyard, students could be seen socializing, potting their seeds, asking questions, and ultimately bringing attention to an uncommon topic on campus, plant life and sustainability. While this may not have had major contributions to the ‘Going Green’ movement, this tailgate was a nice, relaxing activity outside; it provided students with a social outlet and a takeaway plant, which they can grow and nurture in the comfort of their homes. 

Many students “posted about the Tailgate event on social media”, says Ortega. The event was a “nice change of pace for the students. . . I think students love it”, Robles recalls, which is the whole point of tailgates and any events thrown on campus. Typically, the Tailgate Committee’s events are exclusive to big athletic games; “As you know, with COVID, we had to take a different approach this year; but I would say that this new approach was one that we could see a lot more of in the future,” says Robles. Hopefully, once the pandemic lessens and athletic games start up, the Tailgate Committee will still consider hosting activities like this Plant a Flower Event.