BCA hosts Dinner Detective Events

Students gather for a night of fun and murder

By Campbell Turner, Correspondent

On March 20 the Board of Campus Activities hosted a Dinner Detective event; a play and murder mystery dinner party rolled into one event. 

The night began with entertainment from the two detectives introducing themselves and unveiling the murder. The detectives guided the show through witty banter and jokes. The evening unfolded with the introduction of suspects and certain pieces of vital evidence. While some of these were props, the detectives had even gotten photos of people who were attending and used them during interrogations. 

Those interrogations continued throughout the night as accusations flew from detective and guest alike, after all, anyone and everyone with a name tag was a suspect.

The detectives acted as a comic duo as well. The mood never soured with their quick thinking and ample jokes.

Jen Myers, one of the actresses playing a detective describes performing her role as, “You have to kinda be a fast thinker. A lot of this is improv, we most of what we react with is what the audience gives us…It’s just what vibe are we getting and we’re getting a really great vibe.”

In between the detective sessions, guests were free to investigate and interrogate suspects on their own. There were many that chose to take the opportunity to put other guests in the hot seat but most stayed in their seats and began analyzing clues with the help of their friends.

The guests stayed engaged throughout with lots of laughter filling the room. Davey Stanford Brown, an attendee, looked back on the night, “[The detectives are] really funny and they’re quick on their feet. I really like how they involve the whole audience.”

Clues were delivered digitally, which kept them easy to keep track of and easy to reference for quick comparison. 

After the third act, sheets were passed out so that guests could make their accusations. Every guest turned in their sheet but only one actually pinned the right suspect. An attendee, going under the pseudonym “Jo Mama” was the one who uncovered the mystery. She was given a small selection of gifts as reward for her great puzzle solving. Afterwards, the culprit was revealed in a comedic and dramatic confrontation scene.

As Jen Myers puts it, “Everyone says it’s dinner theatre, but it’s not just dinner theatre. It’s a fun time.”