SCEF Funds New Water Filling Stations

Image from Embry-Riddle. Photo: The STEM building, which houses the Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium, is one of several locations to receive new bottle fillers.

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

Student Campus Enhancement Fund Answer Call for Much Needed Improvement

A recent addition to our ERAU Prescott Campus is the implementation of water bottle filling stations in the STEM building, residential hall T2, and both the Air Force and Army ROTC buildings. While these new water fillers contribute to our university’s sustainability and water-drinking needs, it is also incredibly beneficial during these COVID-19-regulated times. With all the water fountains on campus shut down, Student Campus Enhancement Fund (SCEF) Chairperson and senior Space Physics student Ashley Elliot said, only the water bottle fillers, not the drinking fountains, are currently accessible to our student body. Therefore, having more stations centrally located to student classes will ideally increase student satisfaction and overall productivity and was a priority for SCEF. 

Noticing the need for more water stations in the Fall semester, Student Government Association (SGA) Treasurer Hunter Langemo initially started this project. Over the course of the semester, he conducted extensive research in the amount of use, material, and financial requirements for the planning and locations to be approved by the higher ups. In going through the process of approval, Langemo proposed the project to the Student Campus Enhancement Fund. 

Unbeknownst to a fair amount of the student body, SCEF is an auxiliary organization of the SGA. Elliot calls SCEF “a committee of students that cover the campus community. Each section of campus is represented, like the College of Arts and Sciences to International Students Association to Greek Life. If a student has something they think would make campus better, they can propose it at our meetings.” Then, SCEF will hold a meeting to vote on the project’s feasibility. “SCEF is a great place to help make the campus a better place,” Elliot remarks, and funding through SGA offers the financial opportunity for the group of students to do so.

Knowing that the outdoor basketball court was partially funded through SCEF, Langemo was hopeful for the same success. By justifying the necessity of more water stations and those specific places on campus, especially with drinking fountains shut down, Elliot and the SCEF board recognized the need. The new stations are “places where the campus needed more stations . . . because there just aren’t any sources of water closer to these points,” says Elliot. Bottling filling stations have already been installed in STEM and… So, in the near future, the construction of these water filling stations will be complete, and students will have much improved access to water sources.