Boeing Hosts Luncheon, 1:1s, Speaker Sessions for Student Networking

For first time in over a year, aerospace giant visits campus

By Vee Glessner, Chief Copy Editor

After a tumultuous year for not just the ERAU Prescott campus, but certainly for aerospace giant The Boeing Company, company representatives visited and networked with students for the first time in over a year. The team held a series of networking events in partnership with Career Services, culminating with two guest speaker sessions.

With the end of the pandemic in sight, layoffs easing up across the aerospace industry, and Boeing summer internship requisitions finally opening up for 2021, the visit was a welcome change of pace for students and recruiters alike. “The Boeing team was immensely grateful for the facetime with students on campus,” said ERAU Prescott Campus Boeing Recruiting Lead Adin Herzog, who graduated from the campus in 2017.

The team held a reception for Boeing scholarship recipients and Boeing Career Mentoring Program (BCP) mentees the afternoon of Sunday, March 7th before moving into a jam-packed day of events on Monday.

Students gathered in the Activity Center at 12:30 p.m. for a Boeing Career Insights session with a side of free lunch. The five Boeing team members, who all graduated from ERAU Prescott, shared information about themselves before opening the session up for questions. With attendance around 25 and an abundance of Sodexo cookies, discussion was casual and centered around hot topics such as full-time hiring, the impacts of remote work, and prospects for summer internships.

Immediately following the luncheon, the Boeing representatives stationed around the Activity Center for socially-distanced one-on-ones. Two representatives even called in from Puget Sound to virtually meet with students. Students signed up for a 10-minute slot to chat with a representative about life at Boeing, career tips and goals, and discuss whether they’re a good match for the company. The Boeing team comes from a variety of backgrounds, with business, engineering, and security disciplines all represented and roles across commercial, defense, and service organizations.

To end the day, there were two Boeing-sponsored speaker sessions featuring Stephanie Goetz and Endre Holen. Goetz has over 10 years experience as a news anchor, founded her own media and communications firm Goetz Communications, and is an avid aviator. She’s a certified flight instructor and has a host of connections in the aerospace industry, although she’s not affiliated with Boeing. She hosted two talks: “Women in Aviation, Science, Business, and Beyond” and the keynote “Building a Meaningful and Impactful Career.”

The first session was targeted towards women, coinciding with International Women’s Day, and put on in partnership with Career Services and the Alumni Engagement Office. “Keeping a great squad around you is so powerful,” Goetz said to the mostly-female audience. She emphasized having a strong support system and used female astronauts and pilots as examples of where persistence can take us.

Executive Leadership Coach Endre Holden, who is also Goetz’s husband, opened the Keynote session with a talk entitled “Lessons to My Younger Self.” He reflected what he’s learned from years of coaching prominent CEOs and provided advice. Holden’s main themes were dreaming big, embodying servant leadership, and building a strong support system.

Then, Goetz took the stage for her spotlight session on building a personal brand and shaping a career. A meaningful and impactful career, she says, starts with finding the intersection between your unique skills and your passions. If one can identify what Goetz calls a “North Star,” an ultimate goal which represents the values they want in their career, every step can center around that. 

“The path to get there might look like this,” Goetz said, gesturing a winding road, “but every step you take can be guided by that North Star.” She also emphasized that obstacles can be taken in stride if one looks at them as an opportunity, and that there is no one way to accomplish a dream. Goetz covered aspects of effective communication and leadership before presenting a final call to action: assess your unique skills, find your North Star, and take one tiny step.

The evening ended with a raffle of Boeing goodies and 2 big-ticket items: an external hard drive and a drone. Michael Finigian, a BCP mentee who also attended Monday’s events, says, “It is amazing to me that Boeing wants to engage with students during this time with COVID.” Seemingly against all odds, the Boeing team was able to connect with students in-person, even without official hiring context.

“Even in such a challenging environment, Boeing remains committed to its early career pipeline. Engaging with ERAU remains a priority throughout tough times because we know the kind of talent developed at this university,” says Herzog. “We want to support students and make sure they know the industry is recovering and career opportunities will do so soon as well. We’re incredibly thankful for our partnership with the Prescott campus and want to thank everyone who attended and participated.”

Boeing internship requisitions are now open and can be accessed from []. The Boeing Career Mentoring Program (BCP) will be accepting applications in the near future in partnership with Career Services.