BCA Hosts Annual Bingo Night

Board of Campus Activities Puts on One of its Biggest Events since COVID

By Julian O’Connor, Corespondent

Note: Image Credit BCA

In the continuation of what is apparently a “BCA [Board of Campus Activities] tradition”, according to Moe Angulo, Director of the BCA, the Board of Campus Activities hosted a Bingo Night on Friday March 5, 2021. The BCA has been hosting these events every year for some time, and Angulo states that “Bingo nights at this campus have… always been a hit.”

The event was posted on EagleLife beforehand to allow students the opportunity to sign up. Because of COVID regulations, only 50 students were allowed to attend the in-person event. Hours before the start time, the EagleLife page only allowed students to join a waiting list, indicating that the event had already sold out. 

Indeed, when the night started at 7:00 pm, the Lower Hanger was full of students, sitting in front of tables that had been covered with tablecloths to prevent dabbers, the ink filled tubes with stamp-like ends that bingo players use to mark their cards, from spilling ink on the tables. In addition, bingo cards had been placed on the tables for players, and sanitized dabbers rested in a box at the check-in table that had been situated by the entrance to the Lower Hanger. 

At arrival, students could give their name to the students crewing the check-in booth, after which they were free to grab their dabber and choose a seat. After waiting a few minutes past 7:00 pm for any late arrivals, the bingo games started. An automated program called out the numbers, and the well-known game proceeded as usual, with students holding their breath for a match on their card they could stamp out. After one student fulfilled the victory condition, they would shout “Bingo!”, and BCA staff would come over to verify their claim. Once it had been verified, students were invited to move to the front table and choose from a wide variety of prizes. 

Prizes included stuffed animals; fuzzy blankets; water filtration pitchers; a bathroom cleaning set; and several notebook, gel pens, and toilet paper sets. Winners were free to select from any one of those prizes and if a student won multiple times, they could take a prize each time. This rule caused some consternation as one set of suitemates won several prizes in a row.  

To avoid the event getting repetitive, the hosts occasionally switched the game up. Normal bingo requires players to get five numbers in a row on their 5×5 card, whether that be in a row or a line, and includes one free space in the center. However, there are also bingo variations, in which players must get other combinations of spaces to achieve bingo. During the night, several of those variations, including four-leaf clover, blackout, and letter E, were played. This helped keep the game refreshing for players, as did occasionally allowing players to continue playing on the same card after someone had declared Bingo , giving better odds of scoring a win.  

Approximately halfway through the event, BCA members came through with snacks, including a variety of chips and a sweet baked treat. Throughout the night, lively conversation filled the Lower Hanger, and, as the night went on, students became increasingly invested in obtaining bingo.  Eventually, the night came to a close, and after a brief thank you, students dropped their dabbers in a bin and left. 

Angulo believes that the “students loved the event,” and adds that he and his team “enjoy putting on in-person, fun event[s] for all the students.” Students did certainly seem to enjoy the event, with Taylor Sherman, a student who attended, saying that he enjoyed Bingo Night and did not see anything that BCA could have done better. 

Angulo concludes, “Thank you [to] all the students that came out and continue to support our events. The rest of the semester is full of fun in-person events.” Students interested in attending BCA activities, such as the BCA Dinner Detective event on March 20, 2021 can find a full list of events, in addition to RSVP signups, on EagleLife.