SGA Update: New Grocery Card Services

Image licensed under Creative Commons.

A Way to Help Students this Semester

By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent 

This semester, the Student Government Association (SGA) is implementing a service to help on-campus students without a car get groceries. Ryan Dittes, the College of Arts and Sciences Representative, worked on this project starting back in February of 2020. “The purpose of this shopping card is to provide [for] on-campus students who don’t currently have a reliable form of transportation during this time of COVID.” Dittes believed this service would be of use during COVID for students who didn’t have the means to obtain groceries regularly. 

An email has already gone out to the campus explaining how to use this service. “Students using this service will receive a card, similar to a SafeRide card, with a set of locations available to students to shop at by getting a free ride to and from the acceptable locations,” it says. The current service locations are Fry’s Grocery Store, Walmart Supercenter (Gail Gardner), and Sprouts. SGA will cover the cost of the rides to and from the campus, excluding tips. After applying for a card, call the number on the back, and a taxi will come to pick you up. 

“The idea was thought up and brought to me at the beginning of February,” says Dittes. “[The] Vice President (Timmy Casnellie) believed this service would be easy to create and manage through the same format we create SafeRide cards internally. This service was finally approved and released to students on February 19th.” Due to current restrictions, the shuttle can only hold one student, rather than 1-6. The application is open now for anyone who may need this service.  

The application is located at the following link: []. Once your application is approved or denied, an email will be sent out to you. If accepted, a card will be printed up for you and available to pick up in the SGA office approximately 1 week following the confirmation email. This service will only be available this semester, so do not hesitate to use it if it is something you need. If there are any questions or concerns you need to be addressed, reach out to the COAS Representative Ryan Dittes at []. Come back next issue for more information on what SGA is doing for our campus.