Review: A Movie You May Not Have Seen, Disney’s “Treasure Planet”

Image from Disney.

By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent

During this year, people have had a lot of free time at home due to the lack of in-person gatherings. Most people would scroll through social media or go on Netflix to watch a new movie. That is why I am here to recommend and review a mostly forgotten Disney classic for you to revisit during your leisure time this semester. “Treasure Planet” is a movie released in 2002 based on the classic book “Treasure Island,” but with one twist: it all takes place in space.  

The main character, Jim Hawkins, discovers a mysterious orb after saving an old space pirate from a wreck. The ball turned out to be a map to the most feared pirates’ treasure, and now Jim has it. There is also a cyborg chasing the map and responsible for the death of the old space pirate. Now Jim must voyage across the universe to find the treasure while being hunted by some dangerous pirates. If you have read the book before, this movie will not shock you with any of its twists, but it executes them wonderfully. If you haven’t read the book, I won’t spoil any surprises this movie offers. 

“Treasure Planet” was released after one of the most significant eras for Disney. It came out after the Disney renaissance successes, such as “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast,” so it should come as no surprise that the animation in this movie is stunning and the art style is unique. Due to the setting being space, there are various character designs with unique sizes and features. “Treasure Planet” also has some beautiful music in its soundtrack; it is the perfect blend of sea fairing and science fiction.  

I would recommend “Treasure Planet” to anyone who likes Disney, animation, the tale of “Treasure Island,” or just enjoys a good story to pass the time for a while. Unfortunately, it is hard to find as it is not on any main streaming apps like Netflix, but this movie is well worth the hunt. Suppose you have any free time this week and want to find a new film to enjoy, I suggest you watch “Treasure Planet” for a fantastic re-telling of a classic piece of literature with a fun twist. If you watch this recommendation, I hope you like it and find a new Disney movie to add to your favorites.