Profile: Student Who Has Gotten Vaccine – Ethan Martindelcampo

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

For the millions of citizens applicable for the COVID-19 vaccine, many are debating whether or not to get the vaccine, fearful of the symptoms, or contemplating which vaccine to receive. The two dominating the health industry and social media currently are the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccine, which have been authorized by the FDA for distribution for some time. Aeronautical Science student Ethan Martindelcampo received the Moderna vaccine, likely for convenience and due to the availability of vaccines in Yavapai County. 

To answer a common question that healthy young people are asking, if one is not in the health tiers for receiving the vaccine now, can they still apply to get it? In Martindelcampo’s experience, he “volunteered at a vaccination site in Prescott Valley, and was offered the vaccine after a full day of volunteering. I was happy to volunteer my services for the community.” Through Spectrum Healthcare, he had signed up to work at a local vaccination site [].

As more Americans receive the vaccine, there are doubters that are concerned about the symptoms and possible long-term effects. For the Moderna vaccine, Martindelcampo says “the first shot is painless & symptom free. I’m hoping my second shot will be the same. . . I’m honestly not too worried about getting my second shot, because I’d rather experience bad symptoms from the vaccine, than experience symptoms from getting COVID-19.” Keep in mind that vaccines affect individuals in different ways and much of the reaction to the vaccine is dependent on one’s tolerance to illness and current health status. 

“I got the vaccine because I wanted an extra layer of protection against COVID-19, and I would 100% recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to receive the vaccine, gets it!” says Martindelcampo. “I will still be wearing a mask and social distancing even with the vaccine, in order to protect others and stay as safe as possible from the virus!” You’ve heard it here folks. For any COVID19 vaccination doubters, Martindelcampo “had a perfectly fine experience receiving the vaccine.” As our semester progresses, we hear of more students and professors receiving the vaccine, whether due to their involvement with the university, status in one of the upcoming tiers of vaccine rollout, or by volunteering. The university has even suggested a new procedure, the “All Clear” badge procedure, for those who are vaccinated and given us a glimpse of what the future will look like with (almost) everyone vaccinated. 

Although it can be difficult to secure a volunteer slot with so many jostling to receive their dose of immunity, the vaccine continues to reach more Americans every day. So, stay on the lookout for more vaccine updates in Prescott and opportunities to receive it.