Pet of the Week: Amber the Cockapoo

By Martin S. Hussey Jr., Correspondent 

Meet Amber, an eleven-year-old Cockapoo, a crossbreed between a Cocker-Spaniel and a Poodle, that sophomore Michael Finigian owns. The cutest little dog, she is more interested in people than other dogs, which on one hand means she is friendly to everyone, especially kids. On the other hand, it certainly makes taking her to dog parks a little different. 

Amber loves her family very much, especially when they go on road trips together. She always tries to keep her eyes on the entire family by finding a strategic location in the house so she can see everyone from one spot, then lays down. When her family returns from a trip, she runs to the garage and does a quick head count to verify no one is missing. If someone is missing, she stares at the door to the garage waiting for them to come home. 

When it comes to tricks, Amber is very skillful. She knows how to roll over, shake hands, play dead, crawl, sit, and jump through your arms. Additionally, when she must go outside to potty, she rings a bell. She is also amazingly fast. When sees rabbits, she goes ballistic and chases after them. She thinks she is fast enough to catch the rabbit, but so far, she never has. Only time will tell if she manages to catch one.