CDC Updates Mask Guidelines

By Mattysen Short, Correspondent

On Feb. 12, 2021 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) updated their guidelines regarding the use of masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The CDC is now recommending that all people above the ages of two years old wear multiple layers of masks at a time in order to better protect against the spread of Coronavirus, whether a two- or three-layer mask or “double-masking.” 

In the updated guidelines, the CDC offered up the following advice to make sure that your mask is the most effective it can be.

Make sure that your mask fits snugly against your face. This helps make sure that air with respiratory droplets do not escape around the edges of your mask. 

Pick masks with multiple layers in order to keep your respiratory droplets in and those of others out. 

The CDC also offered some do’s and don’ts when it comes to proper mask usage.


Choose masks with nose wires. Nose wires will help your mask fit better overall and grip to your face a little tighter. Nose wires will also keep air from coming out of the top of your mask.

Use a mask fitter or brace. Mask fitters and braces go over both disposable and cloth masks and ensure that your mask prevents air from escaping around the edges. 

Choose a mask that fits over your nose, mouth, and goes below your chin. This will once again ensure that air is unable to escape from the outer edges of your mask. You can test your mask to make sure there are no gaps by cupping your hands around the edges and making sure you can only feel warm air coming from the front of your mask.

Make sure your mask has multiple layers. Either wear a cloth mask with multiple layers of fabric or wear a cloth mask on top of a disposable mask. If you opt for the latter, the second mask will help “seal” the edges of the first mask.


Do not layer two disposable masks. Since disposable masks do not fit tightly in the first place, layering two at a time will not make them any more effective.

Do not combine an N95 mask with any other mask. N95 masks are plenty effective, designed to be worn alone and properly fitted to their wearer.

Embry-Riddle University Communications sent out an email on Feb. 12, 2021 encouraging all students and faculty on both residential campuses to follow these newly updated guidelines. Keep it up, Eagles!