Binge-Worthy TV Review: “Schitt’s Creek” – Rating: 5/5

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

Recently ranking in Netflix’s top ten shows, I made the wise decision of binge watching the 7 seasons of CBC Canada’s “Schitt’s Creek.” Initially, I wasn’t too impressed, for the show had started in 2015 and replicated many social trends we now think are dated. However, as I continued watching and became invested in the characters, I was struck by how much I underestimated this show; it is a hilarious sleeper sitcom. Unlike “Friends,” the laughter and emotion conveyed by this show is genuine, in both the actors and the audience.

The series tracks the extreme financial fall of the Rose family, from the elitist fast life of wealth and yachts to stagnant, small town, motel living in Schitt’s Creek. Having bought the town as a joke years prior, the Roses were in for a big adjustment when they first arrived. It is the settling down of a family, in both physical and emotional stability. The Roses hint at their unique histories of wild adventures with wealth, yet none of the people nor activities they recall hold much sentimental or meaningful value. Like their private jet and fancy cars, those “friends” were gone just as the IRS took the Roses’ money and large property portfolio. This comedy matures nicely through the years of filming, reflecting deeper meanings of happiness, morality, and humanity. 

With much wit, warmth, and charm, the final season of “Schitt’s Creek” is a great farewell to the beloved Roses and the town that flipped their lives upside down. It is not an exaggeration to say that these characters have undergone enormous personal development, and for their own betterment. Subtracting all the Couture, Dior, and Chanel in their lives, the Roses were left with only the people that care for them (and Moira’s myriad of wigs). If you stream Netflix, or someone else’s Netflix, I highly recommend watching this show. Word to the wise, the beginning seasons do have some uneventful episodes, but continue to watch and you will not be disappointed!