BCA Hosts Spoken Word Poet

A Piece of Art on Campus

By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent

Friday, Feb. 26 at 8 p.m., popular spoken word poet Kyla Jenée performed at the Davis Learning Center (DLC) in partnership with the Board of Campus Activities (BCA) and Student Government Association (SGA) in honor of Black History Month. Jenée recited around six poems, followed by a short Q&A session after the performance. The show had a somewhat delayed start due to some technical difficulties, but everything was up and running by 8:10 p.m. Jenée has performed at over 250 universities across America and has been all over the country to share her work. Jenée’s work comprises various topics, and she performed both love poems and social commentary on Friday. 

Jenée went right into her poetry before the crowd of around 30 people. She spoke with confidence and speed, making it clear that she had practiced and honed her craft. Each poem was followed by a brief break in which she explained the meaning behind the next poem she was going to read. Many of the poems she shared had math or science undertones and references that were well catered towards the STEM audience of this campus. Jenée commentedthat she usually is much more fluid in her speaking: the altitude of Prescott compared to Florida, the last place she had performed at . was giving her short breath. 

The people at this event really enjoyed Jenée’s work. It was clearly heard in the applause and reactions from every attendee. Jenée’s performance covered topics of a bad relationship“This is the breakup, where mess-ups become permanent wonders. The mind wonders if your good actions are pure, then your bad ones must be too.”, horrible roommates “Friends and foes both start with the same letter, and they can both F you over in the end.”, embracing her natural hair “My curls used to be shy and had to lie in middle school just to feel accepted.”, harassment “Don’t smile even if they tell you too, and trust, they will tell you too. Even when instructed by a complete stranger to alter your mood to make them feel more comfortable, don’t.”, and white privilege “It is you using the confederate flag like you didn’t lose but then telling us to get over slavery.” 

Jenée’s work is seen as controversial in many senses, which has garnered her a lot of attention. If anyone has any interest in seeing more of her work, her Instagram is [@kylajlacey], and she can be found in many other places where poetry is collected, such as [@wanpoetry] on both Instagram and Tiktok.