TV: Review: “Cells at Work” – Rating 4.5/5

By Ivana Martinez, Correspondent

To be completely honest, when first looking at the title of “Cells at Work” while scrolling through Crunchyroll, I had no intention of watching this anime at all. With the slightly humorous cover of a completely white-skin and white-uniformed individual and a skin-colored girl wearing a red uniform while carrying a box that says “Nutrients” in Japanese, I was under the impression this may be a purposely overexaggerated animes. I was proven wrong these past two weeks after binge watching this lovely 12- episode show!

“Cells at Work” is a Japanese animated television show based upon the manga ofwhich also features the same name. This entire show is about how your human body works, literally. Of course, it involves all the organs and hard working cells in it as well! 

David Productions, the makers of “Cells at Work,” held no medical information back whenof creating thissuch a medically accurate show.! The entire series is filled with a lovable, yet serious animation, creating images that represent the body in a more simplistic way. The Color palettes of each episode set the scene of showing how turning our cells into anime characters make it aesthetically pleasing!

Within the plethora of cells, you are first introduced to the girl on the front cover,  who is a newly made red blood cell named “AE3803”. Being a complete rookie, she constantly  gets lost trying to make her deliveries (even while having a map on hand). We’re then What more to introduced to a very ironic companion, our other title page character who is a White Blood Cell named “U-1146”.! As a white blood cell, he does his work eliminating all germs and bacteria in your human body.!

In every episode, the two always stumble upon each other in a classic damsel in distress scenario. AE3803where White Blood Cell comes to rescue the damsel in distress Red Blood Cell because she is always in the face of danger, and U-1146 has to protect her from having multiple nasty germs and parasites trying to take her box of nutrients or oxygen.! AdditionallyAnd of course, each episode is writtentitled to representbe a phenomenon that happens insideto your body, whether it be “Allergies” or “Influenza.”, Yyou name it – ! Tthis anime covers it all! 

“Cells at Work” It’s a show that is both super fun and educational forto those who are unfamiliar withdo not know human anatomy. very well The show also excelled in as well as creating memorable moments for the viewers.  of realizing that the studio got the brightest of idea of making the cells in your body become lovable anime characters. There are hilarious surprises in every corner, epic fights to the death against all kinds of bacteria, and most importantly, anthe most adorable romance betweenof a single Red and White Blood cell. Seriously, you need to give this show a go!