Travel Series – Branson, Missouri: Part 2

By Kiara Bean, Correspondent

In the last installment of the Travel Series, I introduced you to Branson, a small city in Missouri, and I pointed out where you could satisfy your food cravings. In this issue, I would like to recommend some fun activities in the Branson area to keep your schedule busy. 

Branson got nicknamed “The Live Entertainment Capital of the World.” The reason for its nickname is the Las Vegas-type strip of theaters along 76 Country Boulevard. These theaters host different types of entertainment, including country singers, Elvis Presley-era songs, rock, classical, operatic, musical theater, comedians, and even a horse show at Dolly Parton’s Stampede. Everyone can find something they like. My family and I chose to go to the Pierce Arrow Theater, where we attended a show with a variety of singers that performed country music and told humorous anecdotes. It was very entertaining, and we had a great time. The theater even has a very homey boutique in the lobby, which sells, among other things, Branson memorabilia, Christmas decorations, knick-knacks, and some clothing. 

Besides different theaters and restaurants, you can also visit various museums on the main strip. Some notable ones are the Titanic museum, the Dinosaur museum, the Toy museum, and the Hollywood Wax Museum. Unfortunately, we only enjoyed these attractions from outside; we did not have a chance to visit them as we were quite busy with our other activities. Perhaps we will visit them next time we are in Branson. 

Another famous attraction is the lovely Branson Belle, a large steamboat. This showboat offers a relaxing cruise on Table Rock lake, a three-course meal, and live shows. Because I get seasick, we opted to only look at the boat from the outside and enjoy the shopping in the little port shopping village instead. 

If you are looking for more lively fun, be sure to check out Silver Dollar City, an old-western amusement park about 9 miles west of Branson. There, you can find thrilling roller coasters, fun shows (singing, magic, and dog shows, just to name a few), and cute little shops hosting where people can see real-live demonstrations of blacksmithing, candle making, cobbling, and other old trades. The summer we visited Silver Dollar City, the Harlem Globetrotters were performing there, so we were lucky enough to see one of their performances. If you get tired of walking around the park, you can take a ride on a steam engine train. OWhile on While on the train, you can see different parts of the park that you would not otherwise see from the sidewalks. Don’t be scared when your train will be attacked by “hillbillies” looking to rob you! It’s just part of the show that you can watch when your train stops unexpectedly. 

Right next door is White Water waterpark. This place features many twisted waterslides and even a lazy river to float around in. Lovers of water sports can enjoy the water to their heart’s content. This is a place where we spent many days. My sister and I love the water like fish! My favorite ride was one where I stepped into a capsule that closed around me. Then, the floor moved from under me, and I fell down a long chute. I finished the ride by splashing onto a horizontal slide. It was exhilarating.

For those who enjoy shopping to their heart’s content, there are many shops available along 76 Country Boulevard and in downtown Branson. There are country stores, memorabilia shops, and various antique stores sure to satisfy any style. 

Overall, Branson is a wonderful place to visit. It gives you a place to relax and find peace, but you can also satisfy your wild side with the many shows and tourist attractions that Branson has to offer. From food to beautiful nature to wonderful entertainment, Branson is definitely a place to put on your bucket list!

Entertainment Theater 

The Titanic Museum 

The Branson Belle  

The Entertainment Capital of the World