Video Game Review: Borderlands 2

Image from Epic Games.

By Ivana Martinez, Correspondent

“Kill your enemies, steal their precious loot, and repeat”

Whether you choose to travel the wastelands of Pandora alone or with friends, you know you can always trust that big iron you carry. “Borderlands 2” is a story-driven first-person shooter focused on having fun, playing with friends, and hoarding as many weapons as you can. But are there really 17 million total guns?

Unlike most games where developers choose to make and model a specific list of weapons, Gearbox (the developers of “Borderlands 2”) have decided to use procedural generation of weapons to allow you to always use the newest and shiniest weapons possible. By creating a large set of weapons parts and a procedural generation code which considered, amongst many things, the players current level and location, Gearbox was able to create a world record- setting 17.5 million possible weapons.

With such a massive choice of weapons, one would hope that the gunplay would be to match, and it most certainly is. For a game released almost 9 years ago, the feel of the guns is up to par or even better than some modern-day shooters. For the player, every stat in the description box matters and the player is constantly looking to find “The One”. No weapon class ever feels too underpowered and each one has pros and cons that balance themselves out amongst all other weapons.

Guns, however, are not the only thing this game has to offer. “Borderlands 2” is possibly one of the most fun co-ops experiences I have had in gaming. Playing alongside my significant other made the experience even better! The ability to play with friends is certainly not a feature that was tacked on at the end, but an original intention and driving force behind the design of the game. The game has many features that facilitate playing in co-op, such as a revival mechanic and trading system.; Aadditionally, there are many skills that can be taken as one level up that not only benefits the players but their allies as well.

Of course, what is a good co-op game if it does not have a fun story to enjoy together with friends, which Gearbox has also certainly delivered. The game follows a group of vault hunters, searching for a lost forgotten treasure on the planet of Pandora. However, their search is not without resistance as Handsome Jack, the president of the weapons manufacturer Hyperion, is also looking to open the vault with hopes of finally “eliminating all bandits on Pandora.”. For as serious as the game may sound, Gearbox has managed to perfectly blend comedy and drama into one single game, with the overlap often being well executed.

I could go for days about all the things that make Borderlands 2 such a wonderful game, but I honestly believe that those are best left untold. Instead, I most certainly believe that this is a game that everyone should play through at least once. I could easily drop countless hours into this game and barely scratch the surface of what this game has to offer. All in all I think this is a game that I can confidently rate a 9/10 and would recommend to anyone, especially for new gamers to the PC World!.