Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans Review – 4/5 Stars

By Emma Sanders

As the new year kicks off and New Year’s resolutions begin to fade away, shaking up your fitness routine is a great way to stay on track. Between different types of workouts, intentions, and area focuses, Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans is the perfect app to diversify your workout while keeping track of your progress. 

Fitbod is available on the App Store for iPhones and is free, with upgrades available for purchase. After creating an account, the app presents a quick survey to gauge the individual and their fitness goals. The survey began by asking if the user is at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level in weight lifting. Then, the user can select their fitness goal; to lose weight, increase muscle mass, tone muscles, integral straining, or to track workouts. Then the user selects which days/how often they would like to workout, and enters in their height, weight, age and gender. 

The app also gives the user the option to allow notifications regarding workouts, and has a feature that lets the user sync Fitbit, Apple Health, and Strava with Fitbod. 

After creating an account, the home screen shows pages for logged workouts, weekly workout goals, and warm-ups. I selected a Full Body Workout, under the  “Your Gym” page, which listed all the exercises including lunges, bear crawls, incline push ups, supermans, and bicycle crunches, and then the number of sets/reps. The user has the option to add/delete exercises from the workout. Once the user begins the workout, a timer starts. Users can pause workouts or click “finish” to log the workout and view accomplishments. Each exercise includes an instructional video, and an image highlighting the part of the body that the workout targets.

There is also an option to customize a workout. The customize page includes a list of parts of the body at which the exercises will target, and the user can select as few or as many targets as they want. 

Fitbod is a great app for keeping track of workouts and progress. It is easy to navigate, organized, and allows users to target specific parts of the body as well as workout goals. While this app is very user friendly, it is slightly lacking in exercise variety, but is still a great tool to achieve your fitness goals.