A COVID Review of Papa’s Italian Restaurant – Rating 5/5

By Hannah Sexton, Copy Editor

Papa’s Italian, located on 129 1/2 N Cortez St, is still one of the best restaurants in Prescott.  Their safety procedures are strict yet effective and their food is great. They serve authentic Italian food in huge proportions, so you will probably be asking for a box for leftovers!

I went with my boyfriend and was surprised at how well they made use of the limited space. The restaurant is fairly narrow and long but the way it is decorated and the low, warm lighting makes it seem bigger than it is. It almost reminds me of a 1930s, Golden Age of Hollywood setting with Italian elements to it. Every other table was closed for seating to maintain social distancing and all the servers wore masks. We had reservations and were seated quickly but even people without reservations did not have to wait too long. 

Perhaps the most interesting part of the experience was that Mama was not there. As the owner she is normally there to serve the soup of the day and greet every patron. However, when we went there was a tablet set up at the front of the waiting area where she was sitting on a video call. She was making small talk to people waiting and waving to those who came in. It was sweet to see her still interacting with customers in a safe environment and really emphasized just how seriously Papa’s takes the pandemic. 

Of course, their food was amazing as always. I ordered the Pasta Aglio e Oglio, which consisted of spaghetti, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and Italian seasonings. My boyfriend ordered the Chicken Alfredo, which came with salad for us to share. Complimentary bread was also served and refilled almost as fast as we could eat it. Our food was served in very large portions and we ended up needing boxes for the leftovers.

Even with the pandemic Papa’s is still a thriving restaurant that hasn’t suffered in quality at all. They were still dedicated to serving their customers with warm hospitality and delicious food for reasonable prices. I would highly recommend going there for authentic Italian cuisine.