Short Story: Forevermore

Screaming till my lungs burn

Looking around seeing that my screams

Never even reached those closest to me

Losing all hope to ever be heard.

Hear me out, see my pain

Hold me tight and never let go

I just need a little help again

See the way I see the world.

The darkness is creeping up

Pushing me down everytime 

I feel I can breathe again

Anytime … 

Lost, confused, hurt, remorseful, empty

Losing what can never be returned

When you leave, for us it’s never easy

The ones who are left behind.

The light in the eyes begin to dim

Losing hope becomes so easy

Regaining what was lost almost seems impossible

Thinking of their life makes all queasy.

Till the days end and the night 

Awakes memories that we shared

Knowing how persuasive the dark is

Cherish the time in the light.

Days are never felt the same

For no new memories can ever be made

Though we may not see them

They are with us Forevermore.