Dance Workout – Rating 3/5

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Currently, almost every form of media encourages exercise as a way to destress, become healthier, and cope with quarantine and the struggles of daily life. However, as quarantine drags on, from summer into the winter months, the question of working out evolves from finding the right spot or workout, to “Do I actually want to spend my time doing this?” 

I wondered this myself during my search for new fitness routines, and decided to move away from the workouts I had been doing and explore a new genre of fitness: dance. 

Dance Workout, located on the App Store for iPhones and Androids, is free with other features available for purchase, and is a great tool to have fun while getting a workout. 

Dance Workout offers a selection of dance categories: Salsa, Aerobics, Bollywood, Cheerleading, and Street Dance. There are packages available for purchase, including ad removal and unlocking videos. 

I chose the Salsa and Aerobics workouts. The Salsa category offered twelve total videos, including warm ups, workouts, and cool downs. These videos ranged from 5 to 19 minutes long. The Aerobics category included warm ups, workouts, and cool downs ranging from 5 to 20 minutes long, with an added “Dance Party” feature that ranged from 3 to 30 minutes in length. Each workout has a video with an instructor demonstrating the correct moves with background music. 

Dance Workout is interactive, easy to navigate, and combines different dance genres with fitness. I gave this app three out of five stars, since many of the workouts listed require the user to purchase them in order to be unlocked, and there is no feature to keep track of the user’s completed workouts and time spent on the app. Overall, Dance Workout is fun, energetic, and a great way to exercise while learning about different styles of dance.

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