Word on the Street: Holidays During COVID-19

Image licensed under Creative Commons.

By Grace Brown, Correspondent

Following an unusual and particularly stressful semester, Embry-Riddle students are preparing for holidays spent with their families back home. With COVID-19 still proving to be a relevant issue, spending time with family in-person can be a topic of controversy. So, we asked students “How do you feel about visiting family for the holidays this year?”

“I love visiting my family. During COVID? Oh, no.” -MacAllister Hague

“[I feel] pretty safe, they’re really strict with COVID.” – John Kim

“I feel like it’s going to be awkward. My immediate family is not all about the rules but the family we do Thanksgiving with is really strict. So I think it might be a little awkward.” – Seth Ziarnick

“Visiting family this year is hard. Some of my close family doesn’t understand that I am quarantining to keep them from getting Covid. It might not be a big thing for us, but she’s got stage 4 kidney disease and it would probably land her in the hospital or at least ruin her Thanksgiving and Christmas.” – Savannah Gallop

“It honestly feels weird, having a weird semester and we’re basically at the mercy of if we can keep the Covid cases down to come back next semester.” – Shane Manuel

“To be honest I feel like I’m in the minority saying this but I feel like exceptions can be made for virus precautions during the holidays, but I might just think that because Thanksgiving and Christmas are really important holidays for my family, so being together during that time is very important to me.” – Carson Westman 

“We aren’t in school. That’s great. But I don’t want to get anybody sick.” – Trevor Schorie

“It’s sad that I can’t see a lot of my family even though I am back in town.” – Christian Colabella

“I think it’s really important to make sure you are healthy before seeing at-risk loved ones, but also think seeing family is vital for everyone, especially college students!! Staying in touch with family is super important for mental health & happiness in my opinion!” – Elena Breiner

“I honestly feel like I’ve been placed outside of the family circle. It’s not that I don’t [want to] see them and it’s never that they don’t want to see me, but the stakes are higher and they expect a lot. They fear COVID more than ever and I carry the weight of it. It’s a cautious holiday this year.” – Sarah Barnett

“Going to see family sucks because I’m worried I’m going to infect them.” – Jeff Beyer

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity to see them during this time of a pandemic! It’s very nice to spend time with them after being away for quite some time for the first time in my life, and honestly I feel that I’ve taken them for granted with all the things that they’ve done for me and still continue to do!” – Aron Oliva