The Mental Health Project

An Outlet for Stressed Out Students

By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent

For this issue, Horizons reached out to the Student Government Association (SGA) to discuss the Mental Health Project. The Mental Health Project is led by SGA Secretary Allyson Campell. The project is a smaller group within the SOAR program, which is a group meant to train future SGA officers. Horizons reached out to Campbell to learn more about this new project and what it means for the students of ERAU. 

The name “Mental Health Project” is a bit of a giveaway as to the project’s primary goal. “The main purpose of the mental health project is to give students an outlet, break, and remember their worth during a stressful and demanding school year.” Campbell stated.  The project also includes many other students in SOAR. They spend every other Wednesday thinking of new ways to help students around campus deal with stress in a healthy way. The project is limited in what it can accomplish this year due to Covid-19, but this hasn’t stopped the project from creating new ideas for the ERAU Prescott campus.  

The ideas for helping stressed students were not, however, based on big groups of students gathering to engage in the same activity. The focus was to create ways to brighten and de-stress students’ days if they had the time and wanted to stop by and participate. “This semester, we held the gratitude flags painting, which we partnered up with counseling services.” Campbell explained. “We also put post-its up in the bathroom for the male and female bathrooms. These were motivational sayings to make people smile when they go into the restroom.” The project members also have plans for future semesters, such as morning yoga and sunset painting. 

Most students agree that 2020 has been a more stressful year than most, but that means this was the perfect year for the Mental Health Project to be founded. Campbell explained, “Mental health is one of the most important aspects that we have to take care of, and while we see it is declining on campus, I hope this project and what we offer students make them smile, laugh, be creative, and have a great time with us and our projects.” After Covid-19 ends, there will be many more interactive events to look forward to from The Mental Health Project. Make sure to come back next issue for more updates on what the SGA is doing for the ERAU campus.