The DIY Quarantine: Mario Kart Card Game

By Martin S. Hussey Jr., Correspondent

Disclaimer: Mario Kart and its associated characters and items are owned by Nintendo Co., Ltd. In no way do I intend to make a profit out of this game.

Throughout much of quarantine, when not studying or preparing for my classes, one of the things I did was play “Mario Kart Wii.” I have played “Mario Kart Wii,” along with “Mario Kart 64” and “Mario Kart 8” since I was around twelve and it became one of my most favorite games. When I was much younger, I once thought of what a card game of “Mario Kart” would be like. Being in quarantine, and having some time to myself, I decided to bring the Mario Kart Card Game to practice. 

The goal of the Mario Kart card game would be first to move four vehicle cards through four tracks two players have laid down in secret. The track cards are simply tracks featured in Mario Kart series, such as Rainbow Road, Mushroom Gorge, and Dolphin Shores. The vehicle cards have a Speed, Power, and Performance Rating. Vehicles include the Wario Bike, the Wild Wing, and the Flame Flyer. To advance to the next track, vehicles must meet or exceed the SPP value of the track cards. The catch is that the vehicle’s SPP rating fall short of the track’s SPP rating. There are two ways that one can improve their SPP to meet the track’s. The first way is that the track’s terrain and the terrain the vehicle card is suited for are the same. If they match, the vehicle’s SPP values all improve by one point. I came up with eight kinds of terrain: Ice, Mud, Oil, Road, Rough, Sand, Water, and Wind. The second way is to play the other cards you draw.

Item cards give players a temporary boost and represent the driving skill of a player. However, they only last one track card, so when a vehicle advances into the next track, the Item card is withdrawn. Items include the Standard Mushroom, the POW Block, and Triple Green Shells. Upgrade cards work like Item cards, only they are permanent. Upgrades include the Super Horn, the Boomerang Flower, and the Boo. As always however, there is a catch. The Upgrade card’s icon must match with the icon on the right of the vehicle card. There are three upgrade icons, Street, Race, and All-Terrain. Hazard cards are used to get rid of the other player’s Upgrade and Item cards. If a Hazard card can reduce any Item/Upgrade SPP values to zero, the Item/Upgrade card is withdrawn. Hazards include, Thwomps, Fake Item Boxes, and the dreaded Spiny Shell.  

As I am an amateur when it comes to creating card games, I use Microsoft PowerPoint to create the cards and for the visuals I receive them from the internet, particularly from the Mario Kart wiki site. It takes time to create the cards and a fully comprehensible book of rules. However, once the Mario Kart Card game is complete, it will be a fun and unique game to play with friends!