Student Org, Staff, and Faculty Recognition Award Winners

SGA Address announced Award Winners for Fall 2020

Image courtesy of SHPE ERAU

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

Each semester, an announcement of the Student Org, Staff, and Faculty Recognition Award Winners is made at the SGA Address. On Nov. 19th, the Fall 2020 winners were celebrated by all in attendance. These distinguishments highlight student organizations, faculty, and staff members who have gone beyond their designated roles in support of students and the university, deserving recognition for their efforts. 

Hence, the winning student orgs were Eagle Eye and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). Eagle Eye Intelligence “is an intelligence and research organization led by the students of the Global Security and Intelligence Studies Program,” defined Eagle Eye President Riley Coder. The club publishes current events briefs bi-weekly, gaining the attention of various industry professionals and the FBI. In accepting this award, Coder said, “On behalf of my team, thank you very much! We hope to continue improving as a club and as its members. Professor Avery, our faculty advisor, will be given our award to display proudly in his office.”

SHPE is a “familia away from home. . . Our role is to serve as a welcoming community to all at Embry-Riddle, which allows members to grow as individuals through professional opportunities, community service, and supporting academic success,” SHPE President Gabriel Pulido explains. On campus, SHPE can be seen hosting workshops, promoting STEM subjects and careers, providing internship opportunities, and collaborating with other clubs, such as Raíces Unidas. “We are honored and ecstatic to be receiving this award! Receiving the SGA award of Student Organization Recognition motivates us further to push our mission and vision statements forward, in hopes of increasing diversity awareness on campus and offering opportunities for professional and personal growth for our members on campus,” said Pulido.

Next, the Faculty Award was rightfully given to Dr. Jules Yimga, an Assistant Professor of Economics and Chair of the Aviation Business Administration program at ERAU. Aside from teaching, Dr. Yimga is heavily involved in student organizations, such as the AAAE (American Association of Airport Executives) and student research. His accomplishments continue to be seen in his numerous published works on Commercial Air Transportation. While these distinctions are applaudable, Dr. Yimga won this award because of his intense care for and ability to connect with his students, especially in a time where COVID isolates many. In receipt of the Faculty Award, Dr. Yimga acknowledges, “I’m honored to receive this award. I want to thank the SGA for selecting me for this recognition. I had no idea the SGA [or] COAS was considering me. . . so it came as a complete surprise. This is a testament that others are noticing the work we do as faculty and for that reason, I’m immensely grateful.”

Lastly was the Staff Award. Knowing this individual personally, I am delighted to say that Leah Richwine was the recipient. Although her title is Assistant Director of Business for Financial Services, Richwine does everything under the moon, from advising SGA and SCEF to overseeing the daily functions of the Eagle Card Office, Summer Programs, and the Mailroom. “I have been at Embry-Riddle for over 32 years . . . I have learned so much from the students that have been here. Every year is a new adventure as the members of organizations change and evolve. . . I feel that we [staff] are here for the students and that going the extra step to help a student, club, or group get the things they need to achieve their goals is part of the job. It has been extremely rewarding to work with students throughout the years, to see them grow as leaders and see how their experience here has shaped them and had an impact on their lives once they graduate. . . I am very thankful to be able to interact with students on a daily basis. Receiving this award is a great honor and is very much appreciated.”

Clearly, each organization and individual that received this award is deserving of it, as their attitudes and gratitude reflect. We are lucky to be a university home to so many respectful and hardworking members and congratulate Eagle Eye, SHPE, Dr. Jules Yimga, and Leah Richwine on their well-earned recognition.