Out and About: A COVID Review of Tailgaters

By Rhett Theobald, Correspondent 

Review 5/5 

Tailgaters  is a sports bar renowned for good food and a lively atmosphere. Tailgators is located in a medium sized building in Prescott Valley off of Glassford Road. With both indoor and outdoor seating available, the customer is in for great food in a COVID-safe environment. 

Tailgaters has a wide variety of foods from pizza and wings to cannolis. However, a fan favorite is their calzone. The calzone is a pastry with a golden crust coated with a garlic butter and filled with your choice of meats, cheeses and vegetables. It’s served with marinara sauce on the side. It is an extremely filling meal at the relatively low cost of ten dollars. 

Besides the food, another great thing about Tailgaters is the cost. Most meals at Tailgaters range between $10 and $15, which is good especially considering the portion sizes. Not only are the prices themselves excellent, Tailgaters also has a number of deals, such as a pizza and wings combo which can easily feed four people for the price of $36. These prices make Tailgaters a great restaurant for the average college student looking for a break from cooking or on campus dining. 

Another aspect which Tailgaters excels in is its service. The staff are friendly and extremely competent with incredible memories. I am always amazed when I see members of their staff memorize an entire table’s order with no issues. As a frequent customer of Tailgaters, I have yet to have had a bad experience with any of their incredible waitstaff. 

Overall, Tailgaters is a great restaurant with excellent food, reasonable prices, and exceptional service. Whether you are there on a Sunday night watching the big game or taking a break from studying for finals, Tailgators is an excellent choice for your dining needs.