Movie Review: The Princess Switch: Switched Again Part Two

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

3.5/5 Stars

With the approaching Christmas season, the Hallmark Channel and many other networks have initiated the transition of their regular showings to holiday specials and Christmas films. Netflix, the preferred streaming source for many college students and mobile TV watchers, is doing similarly. Having trended in Netflix’s Top 10 the week it premiered, “The Princess Switch: Switched Again Part Two” adds to the collection of Christmas-inspired romantic comedies. Sequel to The Princess Switch, Part Two continues the cheerful plotline, although to an unrealistic extent. 

For context, in “The Princess Switch,” “Highschool Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens works overtime, playing two roles. Originally, she is a small-town baker who aspires to attend a fancy baking challenge abroad, the Montenaro equivalent to “The Great British Baking Show.” When she arrives at the contest, she ends up switching places with her doppelganger, a duchess, as they are each struggling with personal dilemmas. Over the course of the movie, they fall in love with each other’s significant others and happily return home as couples. 

Part Two picks up with, rather slowly, a crisis of love. The duchess and her beau break up as the duchess rises to the status of queen. Hence, the baker adds matchmaker to her resume, having the sole mission to reunite the two. An odd addition to this sequel is a new character, the duchess’ cousin who (surprise!) also has an identical appearance. This new triple threat is an entertaining, chaotic clash of accents and conflicting motives. However, I did find myself mixing up their identities throughout the movie, as they are constantly switching (pun intended) their looks to imitate each other to serve their respective agendas.  

My overall impression of “The Princess Switch: Switched Again Part Two” is a good watch, but a one-time view. It is likeable but predictable, charming but unbelievable, funny but average, entertaining but ultimately lacking substance.