Video Game Review: Among Us – Rating: 4/5

Have you ever played an action game that is so intense it challenges your reflex time, instincts, and hand-eye coordination? If so, Among Us will be a nice change of pace. It is a charming game with simple visuals and minion-like players. This mystery, multiplayer game is accessible on the phone, or on the PC with a minimal fee. Although it was released in 2018, recently the game has received much attention and hype (which may be attributed to people’s abundance of free time in quarantine).

In the game, players are randomly divided into two roles, crewmate or imposter. Most players will be crewmates, with 1, 2, or 3 imposters. Imposters, the desired position, have the special ability to sabotage tasks, vent, and kill other players. Crewmates run around the space-themed map, completing tasks, until someone sees and reports a dead body, or calls an emergency meeting. Once all players are in the voting stage (to guess the imposter), a chat bar opens for players to discuss who they suspect is suspicious. If the crewmates vote out the imposters or finish all their tasks, they win. However, if the imposters outnumber the crewmates or kill everyone, the crewmates lose. 

As an amateur gamer, I enjoy this mobile app because of its easy instruction, simplicity, and the ability to play with friends. It is a game that requires little skill and reveals the truth. You will see which of your friends prefers betrayal over teamwork. You will also have to make that decision for yourself. I especially appreciate the chaos the game offers! There is not one set strategy to win, so players can behave however they wish, AND the dialogues between players are extremely entertaining! I never know what to expect from the wide range of players online. Therefore, I recommend this game to anyone looking for an easy, fun game to enjoy with others.