TV Series Review: “Psych”

By Ethan Theobald, Correspondent 

Review 4.5/5 

“Psych” is an award-winning series about an immature yet highly intelligent man who pretends to be psychic in order to solve crime. With a rotten tomatoes score of 80, “Psych” is a police-comedy that is fun for the entire family. 

Psych follows the misadventures of ”Psychic” Sean Spencer and his sidekick, Burton ”Gus” Guster as they solve crime with a combination of wit, humor, and never ending 80’s movie references. Sean’s “Gift” while incredible has nothing to do with the supernatural, Sean is actually hyper observant and uses impressive deductive reasoning to solve crime. Sean’s father, who is a retired detective, trained Sean in these skills, hoping his son would follow his footsteps. But, while this training is useful, it caused tension between Sean and his father because Sean did not have a normal childhood. This tension is explored in the show and is implicitly used to explain why Sean is so intelligent, yet highly immature. 

“Psych”’s humor is sometimes ridiculous, sometimes extremely subtle, but it is always funny. Not only are the characters funny, they also have meaningful character development arcs and undergo a lot of growth during the show’s 8 seasons. As such, by the end of the series, the audience begins to feel an attachment to all of the various characters. This attachment gets the audience invested in the show, making it all the more watchable.

Overall, “Psych” is a well rounded show with humor and well developed characters. Anyone who watches it is likely to become attached to the characters and be charmed by the witty humor and obscure pop culture references. It is truly a show that everyone can enjoy.