The Eagle Has Nested

One of the main decisions when deciding which university to attend is to choose the right major. Many university students are happy with their choice, and they like their major. But how many not only like their major, but also fall in love with their university so much that they decide to stay and work there?

Koby Yoshimi, who is a senior majoring in Aeronautical Science – Fixed Wing, is thrilled with his time at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University so much that he is hoping to stay at the school even after graduation: “I hope to continue my flight training here at ERAU to eventually gain a position as an Instructor Pilot under the Flight Department. I love flying and teaching, so this is the perfect place to start my career!”

Yoshimi entered ERAU as a traditional freshman student three and half years ago. The word he would use to describe his senior year is “interesting”. “While this final semester has certainly been unique, I have continued to make it special by doing what I love! My flight training as well as the work that I do on campus keeps me motivated to achieve my best every day,” said Yoshimi. After his graduation, he’s planning on taking a nice long vacation on his couch, where he wants to rest and relax, since according to him, that’s the best activity possible after a long final semester. 

On the question of how ERAU prepared him to achieve his goals, Yoshimi answered, “I believe ERAU has done more than enough to prepare me to achieve my goals. The education I’ve received here is exceptional, and the experience I’ve gained along the way in both the academic and extracurricular realms has only supplemented my academics.” 

While at ERAU, Yoshimi was also an active member and later an officer in the Board of Campus Activities (BCA). “This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my time here at ERAU as my membership allowed me to befriend many outside of my classes I may not have met otherwise!” commented Yoshimi about his time in the BCA. While being an instructor pilot, he wants to share his love and passion for flying with others, and remain close to his fellow classmates, who also share similar aspirations to become instructor pilots. 

Yoshimi is a very proud Eagle, and he’s planning to become an alumnus of the school after his graduation: “I take great pride in receiving my education from ERAU. This campus has made me the person I currently am and given me so many resources to succeed as I move through my journey.” He described his study at university as “…pure excitement! There has never been a day (for the most part) that I’ve come to campus without a feeling of excitement for what I was about to do. Whether I was learning about CRJ-700 systems, running a session of solar system activities with second graders, or helping host a BCA event, it was always a thrill to be on campus.”

Yoshimi has some advice for current and future students for ERAU: “…make the absolute best of the time you have here. It will fly by (sometimes literally) faster than you realize!”