SGA Update: Keeping up to Date on Campus Plans

The Student Government Association (SGA) Address

By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent

Many things have changed this year due to Covid-19 spreading throughout the world. One such change had to come in the form of the SGA address. The SGA address is an opportunity for the student body to stay up to date on what the SGA and administration are doing for our school. Usually, this event is open for the whole student body to attend, but Covid-19 has made it impossible to hold such a large event.  

This year, the administration is allowing for 50 people to attend, the same cap as any large event or class. There will be 10 SGA officers, 10 administrators, and around 30 students who have been chosen to participate in the event this year. These students were selected by the different colleges’ representatives to represent each college on campus. For those interested who could not attend this year, a full video recording or transcript of the address will be made available to the campus within a week after the address.  

The purpose of this speech is to keep the students informed about the plans on campus. The SGA will cover new initiatives, events they had this semester, and any projects they are currently working on or have for the future. “[The SGA address] is like a semester open meeting. It allows the administration the opportunity to go up on stage and talk to the student body in person,” said Timmy Casnellie, the SGA Vice President.  

This event is not only to help inform the students about the current and future plans for the campus. The address is also when the winners of various awards are announced as chosen by the student body’s votes. These awards include the Student Organization Recognition Award, Staff of the Semester award, and a Faculty award. The address is considered a critical moment of communication between the student body and the administration. Casnellie said, ”Our definition of why SGA exists is [to be] that communication link between[students and] administration, and SGA represents the whole student body. So, this [address] gives the opportunity for both to come forward and talk to the students as a whole about the successes or shortcomings, and what to expect in the future.” 

The SGA address will occur on Nov 19, 2020, and the summary will be widely available a week later.  To all students interested in what is going on around campus, the SGA address is a great source of information and positivity, so keep an eye out for the transcript. Come back next issue for more updates on the SGA’s activities around our campus!