Freshman Profile: Zachary Smith Satisfied with University Pick

Not everyone decides to continue in their education by going to university. Students who decide to pursue higher education  must go through the difficult process of getting accepted. For those that do get accepted to a university, it is a huge accomplishment. For some, starting university can be very exciting not only because they are going to study something that they are really interested in, but they are also looking forward to being more independent and making new friends. For others, even though they are excited to study their major, going to an unknown territory filled with strangers can be terrifying and stressful. 

One of the new freshmen this Fall at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is Zachary Smith. He came to Prescott from a small town in Massachusetts. Smith chose ERAU for his Aeronautical Science – Fixed Wing major “mainly for its weather and flight program. Other factors in my decision were the climate and school size; they really fit what I was looking for.” As for why he chose this major, Smith says, “I have always had a passion for aviation, so I knew that I wanted something in this field. I had done some previous flight training and really enjoyed it, so it made my choice easy.”

Smith is very happy with the size of the school because it was much easier for him to make friends. He also loves the location of the campus because he has great access to hiking trails and places to see, which makes his down time very enjoyable. He mentioned that he cannot wait for the COVID-19 situation to be resolved so that he can meet people in a normal setting and have more events on campus.

So far, Smith is very satisfied with his school choice: “I have found my first year to be great so far. I did not expect to settle in so fast and make many new friends. I have been fortunate enough to have compassionate professors who care about my learning.” His favorite class is MA 111 – College Math for Aviation 1 – because his professor does a great job of explaining concepts and has a great sense of humor.

“I am currently housed in the Village complex, and I absolutely love my decision. The hall is very quiet and in a great central location,” praised Smith. His favorite place to eat is the Eagles Café at the Flight Line, which he claims has the best sandwiches. 

Smith is also active in extracurricular activities. He joined the Blue Eagles Skydiving Team and the SGA initiative SOAR. In his free time, he likes to go to the gym, hang out with his friends, and watch Netflix. Smith also got to know Prescott: “I got to visit downtown Prescott within the first week of being here.” Although the year has been completely unconventional, he’s done what he can to get around the small town and even the state of Arizona.

Smith is very satisfied with how his first semester at ERAU has gone so far: “I have enjoyed myself and can definitely see the next four years being even better.”