Recipe Review Šúľance – Potato Noodles – Rating: 5/5

Do you have a favorite food that you love so much that you wish you could eat it for every meal of every day? Is that even possible? Is there such a food that you can adapt for a tasty breakfast, a healthy lunch, a meaty dinner, or a gourmet desert?

Well, let me tell you a secret: there is a food like that. Let me introduce you to šúľance. Šúľance are very similar to potato noodles, but they are not gnocchi. a bit like potato noodles,They can be a part of a variety of dishes, whether savory or sweet. Here is the recipe for making šúľance and how you can incorporate them into various meals.

Ingredients Needed:
500g potatoes
200g flour + extra for kneading the dough
1 egg
Salt (amount depends on personal taste and what option you choose)

Other Ingredients Vary Based on What Option You Choose:
Different vegetables prepared with butter
Creamy sauce with meat (any meat works); keep an eye out for a recipe in the next issue
Sweet option – butter, poppyseed or breadcrumbs, confectioner’s sugar


  1. Cook the peeled potatoes and mash them. Make sure the mashed potatoes don’t have any
    lumps in them. (No milk or butter added; just potatoes.)
  2. Mix the mashed potatoes in a mixing bowl with the flour, egg, and salt.
  3. Knead to create a dough.
  4. Put some additional flour on a pastry board or cutting board and dump out the contents of
    the bowl.
  5. Cut off a piece of the dough roughly as big as a ping-pong ball.
  6. Roll the piece into a long “string” about as thick as your pointer finger. Keep in mind that
    if you roll it too thin, it will fall apart in the water, so make sure it does have some
    thickness to it. It is not spaghetti-thin; it should be about as thick as your pointer finger.
  7. Cut the string into smaller šúľance. The length of the šúľance is up to you. My mom
    makes them about one inch long (up to the first knuckle on your thumb), but some people
    make them two inches long (about the length of your pinkie).
  8. While you are forming your šúľance, bring a pot of water to boil. Use about an eight-
    quart pot and fill about two-thirds of it with water. It’s always better to have a bigger pot
    because then the cooking šúľance have a place to grow; you don’t want them to be
    crowded in the water. Add salt when the water is boiling.
  9. Continue cutting your dough and forming your šúľance. Avoid piling them up so that
    they don’t stick to each other. You can also sprinkle them with extra flour to keep them
    from sticking.
  10. When you’re done with the whole dough, put the šúľance into the pot of boiling water.
    The water must be boiling, or they will stick to the bottom of the pot.
  11. Stir the šúľance occasionally. Let them boil until they start floating to the top. When they
    are all on the surface, boil for an additional two or three minutes, still stirring
  12. After that, take the šúľance out of the pot in small amounts using a hand-held strainer. Do
    not dump the whole contents out at once. Run each “load” under a slow stream of cool
    water for about five seconds and put them into another dry bowl or pot. Do not leave
    them to sit in the water because they will get soggy and fall apart.
  13. Now, instructions will vary based on what type of dish you are making.

If you are preparing a breakfast meal, šúľance can be mixed with scrambled eggs and bacon. If you’re looking for a lighter non-meaty meal, mix šúľance with any type of vegetables prepared in butter. For meat-lovers, use šúľance as a side dish instead of rice or potatoes. Šúľance are also very good in creamy meat sauces.

I love all the options mentioned previously, but one of the best options is making sweet šúľance. You can prepare it with poppyseeds mixed with confectioner’s sugar, breadcrumbs mixed with confectioner’s sugar, or even simply with jelly. If you are preparing it with poppyseed or breadcrumbs, you will need to melt some butter, which you pour over the šúľance sprinkled with the poppyseed or breadcrumbs.

This recipe can satisfy people who want a main meal, or people who have a sweet tooth. I would definitely rate this meal a 5/5 with a gold star.