Pet of the Week: Ellie the Saint Bernard

By Julian O’Connor, Corespondent

When most people think of pets, they tend to think of small, fluffy lap dogs that will sit on your lap all day, begging for their rubs. Others prefer small, excitable dogs that can play fetch and curl up on your lap at the end of the day. Everyone has a different opinion though, and some people prefer the large and lovable, if slobbery “giant breed” dogs.

Sophomore Joshua Lopez has his own giant ball of fluff, a Saint Bernard named Ellie. She is “165 lb of love, slobber, and fur,” according to Lopez. Ellie has the reddish-white coat common of Saint Bernards and red ears. Her weight is on the low end of average for Saint Bernards, who can weigh anywhere from 140-260 pounds. 

He says that Ellie “doesn’t always have the best manners, but she always means well.” Describing her personality further, he says that “She is an adorable oaf with all of the mannerisms of a toddler. This big girl just loves belly rubs.” 

Like many Saint Bernards, a breed that is known for being relaxed and sociable, Ellie “loves… all the attention you can give.” In addition, Ellie is very friendly, wanting to “make friends with everyone she sees.” 

Although normally docile, Lopez says that Ellie can sometimes be a bit wild, saying that sometimes it is necessary to call her by her “full name”, that being “Ellie- oh- my-  gosh- get- back- here- I’m- so- sorry,” which apparently “usually does the trick.”

In conclusion, Lopez said that “If you ever see her romping around campus, please stop and say hi. Ellie wants to make friends with everyone she sees. Just be sure you won’t mind wearing some fur and slobber for a while!”