Movie Review: Behind the Curve – Rating: 3.5/5

“Behind the Curve” is a delightful documentary on Netflix that follows leaders of the flat Earth community. The movie opens with Mark Sargent, one of the main spokesmen for the movement. He details how he stumbled upon the conspiracy and how he slowly became a believer in it as he attempted to disprove it. Patricia Steere is another featured flat Earther who frequently did podcasts with Sargent. 

Throughout the film, professionals from the scientific community were interviewed to offer their thoughts on the debate regarding the Earth being a sphere or being flat. To counter this, flat Earth advocates discussed their own tests they performed to disprove the curvature of the Earth. Opposing flat Earth leaders are also featured as they attempt to discredit one another’s beliefs and teachings. 

I found myself to be very entertained throughout the documentary. Even though I chose to view the film in a somewhat ironic sense, I was wholeheartedly and genuinely entertained while watching it. The ability to view the world through someone else’s perspective – quite literally – provided a great sense of amusement. In this sense, the documentary did what is intended of all products in the entertainment industry: it entertained me. 

Despite the fact that I was certainly immersed in the documentary, the one drawback for me would likely be the subject matter. The notion of the Earth being flat got old quite quickly and I found myself focusing more on the people rather than the actual concept of the film. Listening to the people on the film speak about their beliefs regarding the Earth had become almost frustrating and I was not too upset when I reached the end credits. For this reason, I dropped my rating and chose not to watch more flat Earth content in the future. 

As eye-opening as it was to view “Behind the Curve,” I am not sure I would recommend it to anyone for any reason besides the irony in watching it. The content matter becomes uninteresting and repetitive rather quickly. However, if you were looking for a film to provide a quick satirical laugh, then I would suggest you watch at least the first few minutes of the film.