DIY Quarantine Craft: Braided Earphones

By Emma Sanders, Correspondent

When quarantine first started, all the spare time was great. I had time to sleep, catch up on movies and most importantly, do nothing. But as quarantine continued, my list of activities diminished and my boredom increased. There were only so many home exercise routines I could do and movies I could watch. I decided to look up some DIY craft projects to pass the time and hopefully make some of my stuff look cooler. During quarantine, I braided a cover for my earphones, producing 10/10 results. 

While looking at DIY craft projects, I wanted something that was functional as well as aesthetic. My earphones kept getting tangled, especially when they were in my pocket, and I heard that braiding a cover for them could help them stay untangled, so I decided to try it. 

I used four different colors of craft string from Michael’s and a clipboard to complete this project. I cut one piece of string from each color, all about 5 feet long to start, and tied them to the part of my earphones that plugs into a device. Then, I clipped the end of my earphones to a clipboard to have a base to braid the earphones from — taping them to a table would also work. I kept two of the strings parallel to the earphone cord and had the other two strings separate, one on each side. I alternated which strings were parallel to the earphone cord, producing different colored patterns. The two types of braiding knots are square knot and alternating square knot. The square knot is simple and easy to learn, where each string ends up on the same side after tying the knot, producing a series of little squares. The alternating square knot is the same process except the string alternates sides after tying each knot, producing a staircase swirl look. I used the alternating square knot for my earphones. 

Over the course of three days and a total of five hours, I completed braiding my earphones. After looking at the finished result, they tangle less, especially if they’re tossed in a backpack or pocket, and easy to identify because of the bright colors and distinct patterns. This is a fun activity that requires minimal materials and passes the time in a fast and productive way.