Book Review: “Inside a Thug’s Heart” – Rating: 4.5/5

On June 17, 2004, Angelia Ardis published her first book “Inside a Thug’s Heart,” a compelling collection of poetry, letters, and stories by the late great rapper and activist Tupac Shakur. This book takes place in 1994, when Tupac was controversially convicted of sexual abuse and sent to prison. Duration g the trial and while he was in prison, Tupac was scandalized in the media. This led the author, Angelia Ardis, after making a bet with her
roommate, to write him a supportive letter. Much to her shock, Tupac Shakur responded, thus beginning an unconventional connection between an ordinary woman and a self-proclaimed “thug.”

As a collection of letters and poems, the book does an excellent job of expounding on the relationship between Ardis and Shakur and their differing perspectives on everything from life, to racism in America, and relationships. Through these letters and poems (some of which are the basis for some of Tupac’s most popular songs) the reader begins to learn more about Tupac Shakur and comes to understand his perspective on life. In his letters, Tupac covers everything. He talks about how he felt when his stepfather was placed on the FBI’s Most anted List, he told stories about his foray into drug dealing, and the first time he read Malcome X. Oown, which sometimes conflicted. These contrasting views and their respective writing styles give the reader a rare look into Tupac’s life story, as well as an idea of how he relates to other people.

This book is for those who are fans of hip-hop as well as those who would like to learn more about one of the twentieth-century’s most influential figures. Through this book the reader is likely to not only learn more about Tupac, but also gain a new perspective on multiple issues such as racism and relationships that are applicable to today’s society. All in all, this great, easy to read book will give the reader a wealth of new information they can apply to all facets of life.