Word on the Street: 2020 Presidential Elections

Who are You Voting for and Why?

By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent

This issue, I took to the streets of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to ask some of my fellow students a question:

Q: Who are you voting for in the United States Presidential election and why?

“I am voting for Joe Biden because I agree more with his policies.”-Clayton Gibbens

“I am voting for Biden Because I feel like Trump has taken too many liberties away from the people, and I believe he does not have the American people’s best interest in mind.” -Samuel Sandelin

“I feel like I am going to stay out of this election because it is a big mess right now.” -Connor Rajotte

“I’m voting for Biden because I’m not happy with both candidates, but Biden isn’t racist.” -Anonymous

“I am gonna vote for Donald Trump for the booming economy.” -Marie Rebello 

“I will be voting for Biden this election because I feel he will handle the rest of the pandemic better, and I trust his vice president to take over should something happen to him.” -Elle Lyne-Schiffer

“I’m voting for Biden because I believe he will make this world more loving and hopefully more open to people connecting to each other rather than dividing.” -Claire Cashmore

“I am voting for Biden because I like his policies over Trump’s policies.” -Anonymous

This election, at the presidential and local levels, is very important to determine how our country will change in the next four years. If you haven’t already, register to vote ASAP and make your voice heard this November..