Short Story: What’s Your Number?

By Kiara Bean, Correspondent

It was a sunny day with a refreshing breeze rustling the leaves. Sophia was sitting on her favorite bench under a tree. It was the perfect hideaway because it was off the path to the door of the building, so most people didn’t even know about it. Since she still had time before her class, Sophia eagerly read her book. All the other students were hurrying to their classes, but Sophia was oblivious to it all.

“Hello.” Sophia was disturbed from her adventure. She lifted her head up to see who was talking to her, only to find that she had to lift her head up much higher to actually see his face. There was a boy standing in front of her. He was cute: dark hair, warm brown eyes, tan complexion, and really tall. 

“Hello,” Sophia answered. 

“I was wondering if I could get your number,” the boy said, smiling.

“Huh? Do we know each other?” 

“No, not yet” was his response. “After you give me your number, we can get to know each other.” 

“Eight and a half.” 

“Huh? What’s eight and a half?”

“My shoe size. I thought you wanted to know what number I’m wearing.”

“Oh, wow. You’re not only pretty; you’re also funny. I meant your phone number,” he said, handing her his phone. Sophia blushed.

“Oh, right. Phone number,” she said, reaching for the phone. She quickly entered something into the phone and handed it back to him. 

“Thanks. See you around,” the boy said before leaving. 

“Yeah,” Sophia whispered to herself as he walked away. “See you in five minutes.”

Pretending to read, Sophia watched the boy return to a group of boys standing nearby. They clapped him on the back and cheered upon his return. 

“Show me her number!” one of the boys asked.

“I’m not giving you her phone number,” Cameron answered. 

Jason prodded him. “Why? Because you didn’t get one?” 

“No, because she gave it to me. You want her number? Go ask for it.”

“Hey, man. Just show us the number, elsewise you lost the dare,” another boy cut in.

“Here it is, but no one calls her besides me,” Cameron announced. He handed the phone to Lucas. 

Lucas started to read aloud: “1 2 3…” The boys started to laugh, “I’m pretty sure this isn’t her number.” Cameron grabbed the phone back and looked at it. 

“Wow. She is really funny.”

“Cameron, your dare was to get that girl’s real phone number. I guess you lost,” Jason smirked.

“Yes, I did. So what?” Cameron swiftly turned on his heel and started walking back to her, thinking: ‘I lost the dare. I hope I didn’t lose her.’

“Hello, again.”

“Hi,” Sophia responded. “What number would you like to know now?”

“I’m really sorry that I ambushed you like that. I underestimated you. You are not like other girls who would just throw themselves at any boy. Sorry. Can we start over? My name is Cameron,” he apologized. 

“My name is Sophia,” she answered. 

“Hey, dude! Are you getting it?” Lucas shouted.

“No. I’m apologizing,” Cameron said to the boys before turning back to Sophia.

“Maybe I will see you around?” He smiled at her. 

“Maybe.” She smiled back.

Later that week, Sofia and Cameron bumped into each other again. 

“Hi,” said Cameron timidly. 

“Hi,” responded Sofia. 

“I thought you would walk by and not even talk to me.”

“And what? Miss you asking me what number pencil I use on a Scantron? It’s a number 2 pencil.”

“You’re funny. Do you want to grab lunch together?” 

“Sure. Today?” “That would be great.”