Transfer Student Profile: Why I Chose ERAU

By Kiara Bean, Correspondent

Many high schoolers worry whether they will find the best university for their future. Their decision often depends on the majors offered. Some people choose their university based on legacy: attending the institution their parents and siblings went to.

However, some students occasionally discover that the university they’d painstakingly picked out isn’t a good fit for them. The students may not like their majors. Other times, they don’t like the environment or culture of the school they are at. So they find themselves as transfer students at a new university. 

This happened to Julia Boardman, a new junior student at ERAU who’s majoring in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination (FAFE). She transferred from George Washington University School of Business in Washington, D.C. “I made the decision to transfer to ERAU because I am very interested in the field of forensic accounting and really wanted to be able to take courses directly related to the field. At my old university, I was in a much more generalized accounting program that didn’t offer any classes in forensic accounting, fraud, or white-collar crime,” Boardman mentioned. This is not surprising as ERAU is the only school in the US to offer the FAFE major at the undergraduate level. The decision to switch to ERAU was easy since her brother is a flight student here, so she had seen the campus already and heard plenty about it to know she was making the right decision. 

ERAU offers many major-specific classes. One of the big draws of this campus is the fact that students can dive right into classes that relate to their major and not spend two years taking general education classes. ERAU prides itself on having hands-on classes to prepare students to be successful in their degree-field. Boardman commented, “I am very much looking forward to taking classes involving forensic accounting, crime, and investigative tactics. I have known since I was a little kid that I wanted to be some sort of criminal investigator, and this program seems very interesting and exciting.”

The campus environment and local area is quite different to what she had grown used to in Washington, D.C.  Boardman says, “I love living in a big city and definitely miss the D.C. atmosphere, convenience of public transportation, and endless free museums and events… but I have quickly realized that Prescott has many of its own charms.”

The University is also very proud of its connections with industries, and strives to help students achieve their career goals. Boardman says that, when she graduates, “I want to work for the federal government in some capacity. I am particularly interested in the FTC and their Bureau of Consumer Protection.” Boardman hopes that “through courses and networking opportunities, I can work my way to achieving these goals with the help of ERAU.” 

To join university as a freshman is a different feeling than coming as a transfer student. When entering with a group of freshmen, everyone has to start from the beginning: find new friends, adjust to a new environment, and get accustomed to a new school. Transfer students come in much smaller groups, and it’s harder for them to fit in, since a lot of friendships were already formed. “The first couple weeks on campus were very difficult as it is tough to meet other students with social distancing measures in place…with the slight awkwardness of being a new student that isn’t a freshman, and it was a bit of a bumpy start. However, I am gradually acclimating myself to campus and have met people through my classes. I also am always open to making new friends!” Boardman said.