Student Poem: The Siren

By Kiara Bean, Correspondent

The minute that she saw his face

She knew she really loved him

But he never ever left a trace

Not even a chance to hug him

Then one day, he came back to her

She fathomed what he wanted

Because his face was just a blur

But she wished to be bonded

He took her to see the ocean

She followed without resistance

She gave him all her devotion

Expecting all his existence

The water pulled her deep down under

His dark eyes drew her deeper

Now, she knows he tried to surround her

But not really to keep her

He vanished, he left her alone

Deep in depths she wandered lost

There was no help in a world unknown

Many times was ocean crossed

The man she loved with all her heart

She had no way to find him

He split them, he tore them apart

There was no heart inside him

And so the legend says it all

There she wanders to this day

There she is possessing all 

All those who want to betray