SGA Update: What is the Student Treasury?

An Inside Look at How the SGA Manages Funds

By Jaylin Johnson, Correspondent

Although students pay a yearly fee to the SGA (Student Government Association), many don’t know what their money is used for or how SGA distributes its funds. I interviewed SGA Treasurer Hunter Langemo, who manages the financial activities of the council. Funds are used in many ways: first is the distinction between the Budget Committee and the Student Treasury, two sub-organizations which handle financial matters for the SGA.

The Budget Committee is a subsidiary of the SGA to which clubs must submit paperwork in order to gain funding for club materials. Many Budget Committee members are freshmen or sophomores who joined through the SOAR program this year. On the other hand, the Student Treasury is a part of the SGA whose members are qualified individuals that were taken from the SOAR officer interviews. The members of the Student Treasury are hand picked in order to ensure that the SGA funds are used properly since the Student Treasury oversees the funding of the committees internal to the SGA. 

As like many other parts of school life, the Student Treasury has also had some challenges due to COVID-19 this semester. While there are only around six members, the Student Treasury still needs to find a space to hold their meetings on campus. There are also more funds this year as there are fewer big events happening in person on campus that require funding. A problem comes from likewise not knowing what the Student Treasury can fund now versus what they should fund in later semesters.

The Student Treasury is still a newer organization on campus, so it is important for students to find out about it now. According to Langemo, the Student Treasury “is kinda like a liaison between the SGA and clubs. Each officer has certain clubs they get progress reports from.” Langemo also expressed an interest in having more student input from the student population.

Any students can submit feedback, concerns, or questions on the SGA budget.Langemo says,“If they [students] see any members around campus, stop them, reach out and email any of us, or stop by during my office hours.” Langemo also went on to say that the Student Treasury will be sending out a survey soon to the campus in order to get feedback on where students think the Student Treasury should be sending the money. Hunter emphasized how important it is for students to get involved since the money does come from the SGA fee that students pay. If there is any input a student has to give, The Student Treasury would love to hear it.